Questions for Prem Rawat (aka Maharaji) Index

A Resource for people interested in asking Prem Rawat questions

What is your relationship with the organisations that promote you?

  • What is your relationship to the Board of Directors of Elan Vital?

  • Have you ever been involved in the decision-making process of EV either directly or indirectly? If so, how?

  • Has anyone in Elan Vital ever denied your request for an expense or service or use of some organizational resource?

  • If so, who were they and how long did they continue in that service?

  • Have you ever been involved in the hiring or firing of EV directors, officers or employees? If so, how?

  • Why are you so at pains to distance yourself from the organisation that promotes you? Would that have anything to do with you not wanting to bear any responsibility if things go wrong? Or is it just that it suits you financially?

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