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How lavish is your lifestyle?

  • This is an age of disparity. As a self-professed spiritual leader, why do you feel it is necessary for you to have such expensive luxury items as mansions, yachts, jets, luxury cars, property? Moreover, what kind of message does your conspicuous consumption send to your followers?

  • Have you got the heliport you wanted for your yacht fitted yet?

  • Do you need your yacht, plane and wealth to spread Knowledge or is there some other reason why you have these things?

  • In an article in Venture Business Magazine (Jan 2003) it says that you support yourself and your family through independent means. Why didn't you take the opportunity to publically acknowledge and thank your tireless followers whose gifts of time, money, shares and so on, you have invested, benefitted from and which surely were the basis for your current personal wealth? How do you think premies feel, who gave you their entire incomes and who now can't afford to even properly educate their kids, when they see your own kids receiving the best schooling, and enjoying the most priviledged and expensive lifestyle? Why can't you credit them, who as individuals once gave you their all?

  • How much wealth do you actually possess and in what form(s)?

  • How much wealth does your immediate family posses and in what form(s)?

  • How exactly did you and your family acquire such wealth?

  • How much wealth and how many assets and financial resources do you control?

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