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Why do you find the past so threatening?

  • You said:

    "Whatever we forge for the future, we have to remember.. where.. we.. came from, and we have to remember, most importantly, how incredibly dangerous, incredibly dangerous, this stuff is.. Shooting your mouth off is not innocent by any stretch of the imagination."

    What exactly is 'dangerous' about where 'we came from' and why do you want people to feel guilty about talking about it?

  • Don't the public and aspirants have a right to be more informed about the evolution of your movement? Don't they have a right to know what they're getting into?

  • Don't we have a right to talk about our past?

  • Why did you order old DLM and EV publications destroyed?

  • Elan Vital's lawyers have unsuccessfully tried to stop people publishing your old speeches and photos on the Internet. Why do you not want extracts from your old speeches published?

  • Can you point out specifically what is said or portrayed about the past on '' that is inaccurate?

  • What concepts in your father's book Hans Yog Prakash do you take issue with, if any, and why?

  • Maharaji, how exactly is Knowledge "transmitted"? You used to insist that only authorized Mahatmas could give someone Knowledge by actually touching them. That all stopped years ago. Why? Was it just hocus-pocus?

  • More generally, would you please go through the whole list of Hindu concepts expressed in and taught in your own earlier teachings and interviews, as well as those of your family, your father and your mahatmas, and specifically separate those which you no longer hold any stock in from those you do?

  • Would you please explain when and how you came to realize that these above-mentioned concepts were untrue?

  • You said:

    " When a lot of the Mahatmas came to the West, they brought with them immeasurable amount of concepts, and it kinda went wild, and there was no stopping it. The backlash of that, I had to directly bear. the bad news is that the concepts have really gotten us in a hole to this day, where we're still having to defend ourselves, which I find pathetic having to defend ourselves and say.. No these things are not true. So we cannot afford to perpetuate any concepts."

    Do you mind if the Indian premies still believe in and perpetuate these kind of concepts in India? Since we live in an increasingly 'Global Village' couldn't this make for more confusion?

  • Are you a Guru? Have you ever been one? and what does that mean?

  • Please define the following terms:
    Guru Maharaj Ji
    Perfect Master
    Holy Family
    Holy Breath
    Durga Ji
    World Peace

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