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Have you got anything to hide?

  • What has been purposefully hidden from premies and why?

  • Followers who were to be around you and your inner circle were often asked not to report what they witnessed. This screening process has been refered to as 'x-rating'. What did you have to hide?

  • Maharaji, have you got any 'skeletons in your cupboard' that we should know?

  • How many premies have you paid off to keep secret about you?

  • Mike Dettmers said that he witnessed you accidently knock down and kill a cyclist and that later one of your followers took the blame on your behalf. If this is true could you tell us whether you had any part in deciding how this incident should be dealt with?

  • What were you (or the premies involved) so afraid would actually happen if you had confessed that you were driving that resulted in the decision to allow an innocent person to take the blame?

  • How old was Sampuranand's houseboy at the time and did he offer to be the scapegoat entirely of his own free will?

  • Did you think that the scandal of your involvement in the accident would have been so damaging to your work that it merited lying about? Did you not consider that lying about it would constitute an even worse scandal should someone decide to blow the whistle, as Michael Dettmers has done?

  • What is your version of events?

  • Do you think 'honesty is the best policy'?

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