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You invited people to dedicate their lives to you & then changed your mind. Why?

  • Why did you close the ashrams after saying how important they were?

  • Why didn't you give any notice when you closed the ashrams?

  • Why were the ashram premies left to pay outstanding ashram debts when you closed the ashrams?

  • Do you take a share of the responsibility for the ashram premies who committed suicide when you closed the ashrams?

  • After your marriage and particularly in 1975 and 1976, you condoned, perhaps even encouraged, a loosening of some of the hindu spiritual concepts about gurus and devotion you had originally promulgated. However, in late 1976, at the International Coordinators Conference in Essen, Germany, you dramatically reversed that trend and began encouraging your followers in the strongest terms to forego all other interests and to devote themselves to you as much as possible. In this respect, you frequently told us that we were weak, untrustworthy sinners who could only pray for your grace without which we would "drown" in the darkness of the world. Years later, however, you reversed yourself again and now claim it's not that big a deal for someone to stop practising Knowledge if they like. Why did you increase the heavy devotional focus in the late seventies only to abandon it like that just a few years later?

  • Were the ashrams a mistake? If so, whose?

  • There was a time when you wanted followers to make a lifelong commitment in your ashrams. You said that these people were to be your "Hands and Feet". Many people made enormous sacrifices to do this. The fruits of their labours and their gifts of money and assets have no doubt helped you to become the wealthy man you are today. In 1981 you changed your mind and no longer required their 'lifelong' commitment. The ashram premies found themselves having to restructure their lives both materially and emotionally. You offered them no material help to get their lives back together. Some now say that you took their productive years from them and gave them substantially nothing in return. When it suited you, you didn't honour their commitment did you?

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