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What sort of questions will you answer?


  • In New York you asked us if we could 'accept answers without questions' and you offered to help us 'accept answers that come from within'.

    Maharaji, when you were learning to fly did you just 'accept answers from within' or did you also sometimes need to ask your instructor specific questions?

  • Why do you not answer any questions from former followers who have become disenchanted? Don't you think their questions are sincere?

  • Will you allow me to ask you some real questions that aren't necessarily complimentary but are nonetheless serious and sincere?

  • Maharaji, I know that most of the questions you're getting now and at similar programs are complimentary. But do you have the courage to entertain any more challenging questions? Because, if you do, I have one or two that are serious, sincere and important. Will you take real questions, Maharaji, or are you simply too afraid?

  • Will you be specific and answer the questions and not go into a convoluted story or analogy that means nothing? Or duck the question altogether by asking another or sound like you're answering the question when you're actually not? Can you do that?

  • Maharaji, I was a loyal premie who followed you unquestioningly for almost 30 years. When I read the EPO website, I realized that you were not living the life you claimed was possible for premies to live, and also that you are now lying about your past. Are you willing to sit down with your critics and answer their reasonable questions? If not, why not, because your refusal to deal with these issues is certainly hurting your work, and the lives of the premies who try to represent you as well?

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