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What did you do when you found out that your instructor Jagdeo was a paedophile?

  • Maharaji, exactly what did you know about this paedophile mahatma's sexual abuse of the children of premies and when did you first hear of it?

  • What have you and Elan Vital done to identify and compensate the victims of sexual abuse by Jagdeo, and other mahatmas and instructors?

  • You claimed to be God-conscious 24/7. You chose people to be close to you - your entourage. Yet, you had a paedophile working for years right under your nose for years, who you personally sent all over the world, like a wolf among sheep. And you have said you knew nothing of this. How can this be?

  • Are you in the habit of shooting the messenger if you don't like the message? Were you cross with the person who initially reported the Jagdeo incident to you? Did you tell him or her that it wasn't your problem?

  • How is the lawsuit against Jagdeo going?

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