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Why do you need to drink so much if Knowledge is so great?

  • Your former aide Michael Dettmers said that, in his experience, you drunk 'immoderately' and that it seemed like you could polish off five or six cognacs in an evening and get a little bit inebriated, not dead-drunk. And that sometimes you would get rip-roaring drunk. He said that you drank every single day over the fifteen year period he knew you. He added:

    "When he gets drunk, he becomes very negative. He becomes abusive in the sense that he verbally trashes certain people, whoever happened to be on his negative list for that day or that period, or he could be very rude in public at restaurants, just the kind of behavior that you would perhaps see in a person who is drunk and not in control"

    Why do you need to regularly drink alcohol to such excess, if you have the Knowledge of all Knowledges?

  • Does Cognac refresh the parts Knowledge doesn't reach?

  • Please would you describe your current drinking habits?

  • Please would you describe your drinking habits in the past?

  • Would you agree with Dettmers that alcoholic behavior is a form of self-doubt.

  • Do you have self-doubt?

  • Do you ever have pangs of conscience for pretending you are God?
    Is that why you drink so heavily?

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