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Why are you sometimes such a scaremonger?

  • In 1971 you said:

    "People who love pride go to that imperfection from where they never return. But the guy who is determined to shed his forehead on the Lotus Feet goes to that perfection from where he never returns."

    Did you know this for a fact and do you still believe in such frightening concepts?

  • Do you accept that many people who were taught that you were a Divine Authority, were deeply intimidated by your words and that their response to you as devotees or 'premies' was mixed with a real fear?

  • Given the examples of your fear-mongering satsangs published on the Internet, can you say that you've ever done anything to substantially allay people's fears of you?

  • You must be aware of the fear that has always been mixed with people's respect for you. As a young man, finding yourself in such a position of power over others, did you ever give into the temptation to play on the fear that your followers had of you? To use it to control them?

  • You said:

    "What you say in your fuzzy feeling - you know what I mean fuzzy feeling? When you're feeling nice and oooh sooo inspired, it can be deadly dangerous. What you say cannot have any tolerance for mistakes."

    What right do you have to try and scare people off from expressing their feelings in whatever way they choose?

  • To what extent is it acceptable that a Master chastise and tease his pupils (for whatever motive) if the end effect is that they suffer intimidation as a result?

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