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How much responsibility do you feel you have?

  • Your top advisor Michael Dettmers said that you do not take responsibility for any of your decisions and that you always looks for someone to blame if things don't go the way that you'd like. How much truth is there in this?

  • You said:

    " When a lot of the Mahatmas came to the West, they brought with them immeasurable amount of concepts, and it kinda went wild, and there was no stopping it. The backlash of that, I had to directly bear."

    You expressed the same concepts at the time as them though didn't you? Don't you share some responsibility for perpetrating the same kind of concepts and bearing the backlash?

  • You said:

    " the bad news is that the concepts have really gotten us in a hole to this day, where we're still having to defend ourselves, which I find pathetic having to defend ourselves and say.. No these things are not true. So we cannot afford to perpetuate any concepts."

    Are you saying that all the concepts, that you and others expressed in the past, were not true? Did you never express any concepts?

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