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In what sense are you a Master?

  • Do you believe that as a Master you should lead by example? If not, why not?

  • Can a Master like you make mistakes? Should we tell you if we see one coming? Will you listen?

  • Some things in the past served to repress your followers from using their 'minds' to judge you, such as your commandment to 'never leave room for doubt in your mind'. As the Perfect Master you compared youself to a Lotus 'flowering in and above the stagnant pond but unaffected by it'. Are you truly beyond criticism and corruption of the world?

  • You said:

    "The Master changes the rules, creates the rules, disposes of these rules, as the Master wishes."

    Is it healthy or kind to subject your students to so much uncertainty?

  • You said:

    "The Master says, yes this is OK to do, you may talk about knowledge, you may not talk about knowledge. Both have to be taken with the same stride."

    Are you saying your students have no right to talk about Knowledge?

  • You said:

    "Ownership of knowledge resides with the Master. Hearing about knowledge is a privilege. Being able to talk about knowledge is a privilege, it's not a right, it's a privilege. Receiving knowledge is a privilege. Being able to practice knowledge is a privilege. Being able to participate is a privilege."

    So what rights do your students have with regard to Knowledge? As human beings is it not our right to know ourselves and to express our experience and interpretation of that as we wish?

  • Can there be more than one Master? If not, why not?

  • Can you think of any Perfect Mistresses?

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