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In what sense are you a Leader?

  • How much did you pay Leaders Magazine for that excellent article about you?

  • Why did you say on your website that you are not a leader and then pay to have an article published in Leaders magazine?

  • I understand from the Leaders magazine that you provided both the questions and the answers for the interview and that it was essentially a paid advertisement. Do you think that people who buy or read copies of the magazine that are provided at Introductory Events know this? Isn't it a bit fake?

  • What do you hope to achieve by marketing yourself in this way - respectability?

  • You said that your father told you to "walk like an elephant amidst the barking dogs and you will have no problem".

    In this day and age one tends to think of leaders who are prepared to ignore and walk over others in pursuit of their ambitions, as having too much power for their own good and for the good of those they lead. Today, leaders need to be more answerable to their critics, accountable and transparent in their affairs. What makes you so different?

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