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What do you think of your followers?

  • Maharaji, you became a master and teacher of Knowledge when you were eight. In the meantime many of your followers have been practicing Knowledge for around 30 years already. Why is it that after all these years they still aren't allowed to teach it themselves or even to answer questions from those interested in Knowledge? Everything must be done by you. Why is that? What did you understand at the age of eight that your followers after 30 years still haven't understood?

  • Do you think that all followers who have become disenchanted are, as you put it, "unlit matches" or do some have valid criticisms that you might learn something from?

  • In New York, you said that your father told you 'walk like an elephant amidst the barking dogs and you will have no problem'.

    Maharaji, almost all the people who criticise you are former followers, the most persistent generally being people who made considerable commitment and effort to practise Knowledge and serve you. Maybe in India a Guru was perceived as this superior creature simply ignoring inferior smaller ones. In this day and age, how long will you ignore and diminish sincere, thoughtful, educated and ethical people who you simply see as inferior? Isn't it offensive to compare these people to 'barking dogs'?

  • You are now clearly much more wealthy than most of the former ashram premies, some of whom now struggle financially because they gave up careers to dedicate their lives to you. Now you are in a position to do so, should you not compensate them financially for their help and commitment?

  • In Venture Business Magazine Jan 2003 you said: "I have very high hopes for the Prem Rawat Foundation, that not only will it facilitate the carrying of this message and facilitate people finding the peace within them but that, one day, the Foundation will actually be able to help to alleviate some of the physical needs of people, whether it is hunger or supporting other charities or directly interacting with people."

    Before you start suporting other charities will you settle the debt that some of your former followers feel you owe them?

  • During the 1970's many premies clubbed together and bought you a very expensive car, an Aston Martin, as a birthday gift. You gave a kind of thank-you speech when I heard you say "You will never own one of these!". I got the distinct impression that you had a vision of your followers being forever poorer than you and somehow - just from the tone of your voice - that it was important to you. I felt your comment came across as a put-down and I was shocked. Do you like to feel richer than premies? Are you that shallow as to need these cars, aeroplanes, boats etc, that you clearly posess, as status symbols to boost your ego? If so why did you spend so much time bashing our egos?

  • Do you owe anything to your followers? If so what?

  • How come in the end you always seem to be displeased with what followers do to help you?

  • How come when you claimed to be the only true friend and lover that we truly have in this life, your dedicated followers found themselves waiting, wasting their lives doing apparently fruitless tasks, whilst you and a select few 'privileged' sycophants had all the fun?

  • Your top aide Michael Dettmers said:

    "People liked to believe that Maharaji is all-knowing and that he knows what each person is thinking and feeling, and I think that's just a pure projection. He hasn't got a clue and doesn't care doesn't really care that much about people, in my view, in general."

    Is this true?

  • Have you ever noticed how many of your followers seem to be suffering from an unusual degree of dysfunction and arrested development?

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