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Does your private life reflect your integrity as a Master?

  • Do you accept that people have the right to know whether your private life reflects what you talk about?

  • As a public figure, do you accept that transparency about your private life might serve you well, especially considering the interest that the public and the media have today in exposing the double-standards in the private lives of public figures?

  • You've sometimes intimated that being 'Maharaji' is a role that is separate from your everyday 'human' role. If the person you project on stage is different from the person you are off-stage, doesn't that make you an actor? How can you project integrity if you have 'two distinct lives with different values' as it were?

  • In New York you told us that you're not a 'realised soul' and that you are a human like we are. You have feelings of anger & disappointment & frustration & sadness & joy & all the ups & downs. You asked that if you did not suffer these things then how would be be able to help people? You have to know & feel our pain, our joy, our confusion if you are to be able to lead us out of it.

    Would you agree that if students see their master being inordinately angry, frustrated and confused, it will make it harder, not easier - for them to develop trust in him? Harder than if he'd showed himself to have more self-control?

  • The dictionary defines a Master as 'one who commands or controls'. How much self-control should one expect to see in a Master like yourself?

  • In practice, how does your personality, character and your private life affect the way people relate to you?

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