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Would you please answer these other questions?

  • You promised me a transcendental and ultimate experience - call it what you will 'realising Knowledge', 'inner peace which passes understanding', 'being one with my heart', 'God realisation' whatever. After 30 years of giving myself to you and the practise of your Knowledge as completely as anyone could, you did not deliver. Was I not sincere enough in meditation, devotion or surrender? If not, what more could I have done? If so, then why did you not deliver? Is it because you inherently can not deliver, and never could? Or was it because it is always your choice (your 'grace') and for some unfathomable reason you decided to withhold it from me?

  • If Knowledge is such a great thing how come so many of your followers are dysfunctional?

  • Do you ever wish you could have been born into a normal family, had a proper education and development into adulthood like most others?

  • In an article that appeared in 'The Sydney Morning Herald' John Macgregor wrote that leaving you was what he imagined coming off heroin would be be like. He said "for months my nervous system laboured mightily to catch up with my intellect." Why do think some premies say that you suppressed their intellects?

  • Do you ever wish you could have a strong, forthright, honest character, or would you rather choose to remain self-centered, immature and cowardly for the rest of your life? If so, would you want to give this example of character to your children as well?

  • What do your neighbours make of you?

  • How would you distinguish real poetry from sheer, juvenile rubbish?

  • Don't you wish you could really play an instrument?

  • Do you ever laugh at yourself?

  • Are you paranoid? Do you own a gun? How many?

  • In an article that appeared in 'The Sydney Morning Herald' John Macgregor wrote that, in Amaroo, as well as giving daily addresses, you spent a lot of time 'resting' and partying at your luxury camp site. He said that you would go for the occasional walk, shoot rabbits (an official secret) and meet with your international organisers.

    Is it true you shoot rabbits for fun?

  • What's the real story behind Fakiranand's hammer attack on Pat Halley?

  • Have you ever been scared? How often? Of what?

  • Don't you think it rather weird for someone so enamoured of a supposedly "timeless place" to collect watches?

  • How much is your watch collection worth?

  • Have you ever given any orders to hurt anyone? Who?

  • How about anger? When was the last time you lost your temper?

  • Have you ever assaulted anyone?

  • Why can't a premie exercise their own memory instead of asking to be reminded to practise? Do YOU need to be reminded?

  • You once explained the virtues of vegetarianism on the basis that seeds were dead. When did you learn that seeds are NOT dead?

  • Isn't arti boring?

  • Do you ever feel guilt over how you have conducted your life and the impact you've had on people who've trusted you?

  • Have you ever read or otherwise studied or investigated cults and cult leaders?

  • How would you define a cult? How would you define a cult leader?

  • Do you think that your brother, Satpal, is a cult leader? If so, why?

  • Do you think that your brother, Satpal, has any characteristics commonly found in cult leaders

  • Who do you think was a more principled human being, yourself or Bob Mishler?

  • Who is your favorite ex-premie and why?

  • Groucho Marx famously said that he would never want to join any club that would accept him as a member. Do you sometimes feel less respect for your followers who've remained loyal to you through thick and thin than for those who left? If so, why?

  • Your last press conference was thirty years ago at Millennium. Can you remember what happened there?

  • Do you think that you'll ever do a press conference again?

  • How successful was the "Who is Guru Maharaj Ji?" campaign?

  • Have you seen the Millennium documentary, "The Lord of the Universe"?

  • When was the last time you watched it?

  • Have you ever sat down with your mistress and watched "The Power of Love" or "The Family of Love", the two films that came out shortly after your marriage?

  • Who is your least favorite on-line premie?

  • Do you ever read any of the "expressions" on the premie website ''? You do realize that half of them are prayers to you, don't you?

  • What do you tell your kids about who you are?

  • What do you tell them about uncle Satpal and uncle Bhole Ji?

  • Did you ever consider sending any of your kids to India to work with one of their uncles for a summer job?

  • Do you know what a job is?

  • If Satpal's or Bhole Ji's kids wanted to see America, would you put them up?

  • Don't you sometimes envy your older brother, Satpal, for the fact that he's safely set up as a guru in the land of gurus as opposed to you trying to make it in the west like this?

  • Have any of your family members ever called you a "cult leader"?

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