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Can you explain your understanding of Guru lineage?

  • On your website you proclaimed that your father was one in a line of succession of Indian Gurus. You named Swarupanand as his Guru. Did you know that in the same Swarupanand's biography it explicitly describes how and when he named someone else, other than your father, someone called Vairaganand, as his successor? Early Divine Light Mission literature says that Vairaganand was an imposter. What makes the DLM version of events more believable than Swarupanand's biography?

  • If the book is right and your father was not appointed as the next official Guru by Swarupanand, then your father must have decided that he was one anyway and acted on his own inspiration. Do you think this could have been the case or would he definitely have needed Swarupanand's blessing?

  • Was, or is, being a Guru a 'family thing' or is it just a remarkable coincidence that your father was one, you are one, and also your brother Satpal is now one?

  • Is it true your father, Shri Hans Ji Maharaji, had begun spreading the Knowledge taught to him by his master without his master's blessings or permission?

  • Your brother Satpal claims that your father appointed him to continue his work - did he tell both of you to spread Knowledge or is one of you lying?

  • What do you think of your brother Satpal's work in India

  • What do you disagree with in your brother, Satpal's, teachings, as far as you're familiar with them?

  • Have you had any secret communications, directly or not, with your brother Satpal over the past 27 years?

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