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Can you tell us more about your family values?

  • In New York you told people that being a good parent is a primary responsibility. That it is a privilege not a job. On the Internet, children of premies have expressed bitter resentment that their parents spent so much time obsessively following you around from program to program, at a time when they badly needed parental love and attention. Why didn't you discourage this habit?

  • In New York you spoke of your old fashioned family values & referred to the consevative Indian way & said that it is a very good & positive system of value. Have you adhered to these values yourself?

  • In Kissimee, Florida you told us that the only tie we had with our parents was the one they gave us for Christmas. Many of us were teenagers at the time. Would you tell your own teenage kids the same? What country did these values come from?

  • In New York you said that even when a child gets married, that new love cannot replace the need for the parent to continue to give their love to that child. Yet, when I was a teenager, moving into your ashram at your suggestion, you required me to give up all attachments to my family and I was personally told by your instructor David Smith that you wanted us to cut our ties with our families. Don't you owe my mother an apology? Are you going to apologise to all the parents of premies who 'cut their ties'? If so when?

  • You prohibited your instructors and 'ashram premies' from having relationships with the opposite sex saying it would distract them from their practice of Knowledge. You however were married and have kept a mistress for years. Don't you think that it is unfair to ask others to forgo such things that you have never yourself been asked to refrain from.

  • Why do you put out videos from Visions that state that you are a "family man", and encourage premies to bring people to viewings of these videos, when it is a lie?

  • Have you always been faithful to your wife?

  • If not, who were you unfaithful with and under what circumstances?

  • Have you ever asked your followers to procure premie women for you for sex?

  • Do you feel that you have hurt your wife and children by having a long time affair, especially when you once were referred to as the "lord of love", and have publicly stated many times how much you love your wife and children?

  • Do you feel that your other "one night stands" with premie women have been abusive in any way?

  • How can you claim to be a bringer of peace when you don't even get along with your own brother?


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