How are you dealing with the 'ex-premie' problem?

  • Do you think that you'd have avoided much of the opposition and criticism you face today from former followers if you'd been more transparent, honest and taken more responsibility for things?

  • You said that your father told you 'walk like an elephant amidst the barking dogs and you will have no problem'. In this day and age, don't you think it sounds arrogant, superior and condescending to cast yourself as the elephant from this analogy and your disenchanted followers as the 'barking dogs'?

  • Your lawyers have repeatedly but unsuccessfully tried to close down ex-premie websites on the Internet. Why have they failed to do so?

  • Web sites put up in 2001 by premies still faithful to you suggested that Dettmers, Donner and 21 other prominent ex-premies were mentally ill, kidnappers or paedophiles. Did you know about this?

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