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How much trust do you expect from us aspirants?

  • I wanted to believe in Maharaji. I wanted to see the best of his messages of simplicity and inner peace come to reality for me. I wanted to see a kind, caring man who could help me calm my mind. He said it came down to a trust. A blind leap? This is something I could not do. Instead, I started searching for information and slowly learned more about Maharaji's history, his personal life, and his "knowledge techniques". I did not find this information through any current premie or any of Maharaji's appointed representatives. Why? (from an ex-aspirant)

  • In New York you said: "Listen to videos and questions get answered, because the answers are within you"

    Can you suggest to whom I could address specific questions I have come across? It seems to me the videos do not really address these matters and further more seems to echo the same basic themes: participation, practice and gratitude.
    It is my opinion, if I do not address the questions I have that I can not trust in myself enough to put my trust in M. How can I accept him openly if I am unsure of myself? How can I ask for knowledge if I doubt in it's potential? How can I become truly sincere, until I fully explore that which I am asking for?

  • If as a Master you are really prepared to allow people to protect you through lies and cover-up, as is alleged, then how can you expect us to trust you in matters of the heart and Knowledge, especially if you won't address these matters directly?

  • In an article that appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald John Macgregor wrote that you 'thrive on the mixed message: independence/devotion, honesty/secrecy, trust yourself/trust the master. One half of the mixed message empowers and expands, the other half intimidates and reduces; one half provokes love, the other half fear; one half liberates, the other half enslaves.' Can you not see that giving out such mixed messages causes confusion and makes it hard for us to trust you?


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