World Peace Tour Report

Published in 1971 or 1972 by Divine Light Mission - India

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of the World Peace Tour of
Shri Sant Ji Maharaj


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Evening Standard - Thursday, June 17 - 1971 - Page 12

13-year-old Guru Balyogeshwar
Srï Sant Ji Maharaj
is welcomed at Heathrow Airport today.

Hallelujah! The
mini Guru, aged 13,

"THEY ARE not," said a stern Heathrow Airport official, "playing their bells, conches, flutes or horns in the arrival building."
And he added : " We do not intend to have clarinets, tambourines, cymbals or anything else that jangles. They may say he's the Lord, but as far as we are concerned he's just an ordinary passenger."
All of which was a bit of a dampener for the biggest crowd of Guru worshippers ever seen at Heathrow.
Nearly 200 of them descended on the airport with garlands, bags filled with petals and babies in push chairs - all to meet 13-year-old Balyogeshwar Srisant Ji Maharaj.


When the mini Guru, hardly 5ft. tall and wearing a plain white robe, came through Customs his devotees fell at his feet and garlanded him with carnations.
Then out came a massive sack of petals and he was smothered with them as he made his way through the milling throng helped by police.
The followers of the Guru, nearly all of them English said they had known about him for two years. He had come to save them from themselves.
One of them, questioned about the Guru, said: "I think you had better speak to Charles. He's got the gift of the gab and everything."

13-day visit

But Charles passed the questions on to a white-robed Indian who said that the young Guru came from Heaven. But if you were talking about his body that, in fact, came from the Himalayas.
The devotees said that they all belonged to the Divine Light Mission.
Their master is here on a 13-day visit and will appear in London, Leicester, Exeter, and at the Glastonbury Festival on Mid-Summer's Day.
In the end there was no live music until the Guru left the terminal building.
Inside he made his regal way to the background of piped airport music which happened to be a selection from The Pyjama Game.

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Daily Mirror - Friday, June 18, 1971 - Page 12

Worshippers greet the
boy guru 'straight from Heaven'

Straight from Heaven . . . the boy
Guru at the airport yesterday.

THlS was a moment of supreme joy for these worshippers yesterday . . . the moment when they gathered together to welcome a boy they call "A Lord from Heaven."
The boy is Balyogeshwar Sri Sant Ji Maharaj. He is thirteen years old. And he is barely 5ft. tall.
But to the 200 worshippers who turned out to meet him at London's Heathrow Airport he is rather a cut above other little boys.
He is their Guru-their spiritual teacher.
And he has come to Britain, they say, to save them from themselves.
But it was the mini-sized Guru himself who needed a bit of saving yesterday.
He had to have a police escort to help him to make his way past his excited devotees, most of them English.


They fell in homage at his feet. They threw garlands of carnations round his neck. They smothered him with petals taken from a massive sack.
One follower, a white-robed Indian, said that the Guru came from Heaven although the youngster's body, he admitted, came in fact from the Himalayas.
The Guru, whose devotees belong to the Divine Light Mission, is to spend thirteen days in Britain.
He plans to make appearances in London, Leicester, Exeter and Glastonbury, Somerset.
His arrival yesterday was a big success. But it did not exactly convert one airport official.
He said sternly : "They may say he is the Lord, but as far as we are concerned he is just an ordinary passenger."

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Divine Light in Golders Green



A 13-YEAR-OLD boy told an audience in Exeter yesterday : "I can give everybody the inner concentration of mind that everyone in the world is searching for."

Guru Maharaj Ji; whose followers say he was born to bring God into men's heart's, added: "I know the technique by which you can obtain the inner concentration, the peace of mind. If people come to me I can tell them the supreme technique so that they can find the supreme joy".
The Guru was speaking at Exeter university. He was dressed in white robes and sat on a large chair which was draped in white cloths and surrounded by flowers.
He is touring England to propagate the teachings of a religious order called the Divine Light Mission.
Before his 20 minute address two of his followers spoke for an hour-and-a-quarter.

Show you God

One, a young Englishman, said the Guru " is able to give you the direct knowledge of how to go within yourself and find your Creator. He can say without any hesitation "Come to me and I will show you God".
The other, an Indian, said the guru began deep meditation at the age of two and started giving "holy discourses" when he was three.
"One day he will shine before the whole world as the sun shines in the sky," said the follower.
WHEN Bal Yogi Guru Maharaj was three years old his father died. Everybody mourned. But the child told his mother to stop crying, declaring with absolute authority: "I am the same man."
Three years later he gave his first talk on his philosophy of life to a mass audience and declared: "I am god." He was already carrying on the work of his father who led the yoga-inspired Divine Light mission in Dehradun, in northern India.
Nobody laughed at this precocious behaviour and now, at the age of 13, he has thousands of disciples in India.
And he seems to be gaining a following outside his own country. Many Europeans crowded with Indians into the lounge of the Odeon, Golders Green, on Sunday, when he spoke as part of his European tour.
Indians seemed neither surprised nor intruded on as numerous hippies crept in quietly, sitting on the floor while the Indians occupied the seats.
With their casual dress a stark contrast to the sleek saris and Sunday suits of the Indians, many silently meditated to a mesmeric recording of Indian music. An unspoken bond seemed to be present between Indian and European, turning the cinema lounge into an unpretentious temple.
As an obliging European tried to divert the audience by groping for words to express the elusive experience of personal peace, the boy, looking remarkably mature, unostentatiously arrived 30 minutes late and settled in a white-draped chair.
Firing words like grapeshot at his rapt audience he emphasised the need to seek inner truth, delivering that vague and well-worn directive to scorn worldly wealth and meditate until higher consciousness is attained.
He said a lot, sometimes growing incoherent or not cogently developing lines of thought, but in essence insisted: "Concentration is the greatest thing in the world and harder than seeing god. Very few can fully concentrate, but the man who can goes beyond. When you can't imagine where your body is, you have this consciousness of mind and you can do it with the grace of a guru.
"Absolute truth is our aim, not riches, food or pleasures. India and America are countries of fame, but people there are dying. You can corrupt a policeman so you don't have to go to jail but you can't bribe death.
"We say we're unhappy, but we're not so unhappy that we are honestly seeking truth today, because we can get material things and our ideas are not going beyond the world.
He assured his audience he could give them the vital knowledge he was hinting at, if they discussed their doubts with him, but he pointed out he was soon leaving for the Continent.
However, there are two Divine Light centres in London - at 4 Alba Gardens, Golders Green, and 5 Lincoln Street, Chelsea. His appearance was arranged by the Shri Sai-Hindu Centre, Golders Green.

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Page 11

Divine Light Mission
6861 Alta Loma Terrace
Los Angeles, California 90028
(213) 851-1515

Dear Friends,

It fills my heart with indescribable joy to convey the divine message of my Holy Master who is at present only thirteen years old, yet he is a fully realized soul of the time. A born Saint, he began delivering discourses on the importance of the human body and meditation at the age of 21/2 to large assemblies. On July 21, 1966 a great Master, Shri Hans Ji Maharaj, passed away. He was the father of four sons, each born to fulfil the duties of destiny. The youngest son, Shri Sant Ji Maharaj, was at this time 8 years old. While all gave themselves up to despair at the loss of their Master, Shri Sant Ji remained calm and serene. All wondered at his behavior. Finally he went before the crowd at the funeral ceremony and delivered a discourse which marked the beginning of his spiritual command as Satguru, the Perfect Master. He said, "Why do you weep for the body of a man? 0 foolish people! How little you understand this Knowledge if you think the soul to be perishable like the body. The Master is always with you. I am here, the same, only my form is different, and I have come in this young form to spread the Knowledge of Divine Light and the imperishable Word of God to the whole world."
Guru Maharaj Ji has proclaimed that the aim and purpose of his life is to spread the Knowledge of the true nature of the soul, to humanity as a whole. He declares that man has reached the apex of material prosperity while grossly neglecting spiritual evolution - to advance and develop spiritually is the only way every human being can live cheerfully and spotlessly in this world of violence and oppression. To balance the material and scientific advancement of mankind, Guru Maharaj Ji wants to further universal spiritual evolution. Thus dedicating his life to the enlightenment and spiritual development of all, Guru Maharaj Ji reveals and imparts practical Knowledge of God as He is to be found within every soul. He does not want to convert people from one religion to another, but wants to enable all persons to experience within themselves the one Truth which is the seed and source of all religions. By his grace he imparts to the sincere aspirant, the direct flash of vision of the Divine Light and reveals to him the sacred mystery of the primordial Word of Ineffable Name of God. Through visualizing the Divine Light and meditating on the Word of God within, a man can attain perfect tranquillity of mind, and liberation.
At present Sant Ji Maharaj has a following of some 3 million devotees in India and abroad. He has spread practical Knowledge of Self in England, America, South Africa, Japan, France, Germany, Denmark, and Australia and he is presently making a world tour in order to bring people to the Peace which lies within them. Guru Maharaj Ji has the golden cord with which to connect the individual soul to the universal spirit where there is complete tranquillity of mind. He has come with full power to reveal the secrets of the soul to mankind as a whole, and thus bring about the spiritual revolution in the hearts of all. He delivers spiritual discourses before thousands of people with complete authority speaking the language of Truth. Guru Maharaj Ji is arriving in Los Angeles on July 17, 1971 and will be speaking publicly throughout America. For calendar of speaking dates contact the above address.
He is arriving at 3:30 P.M. West Imperial Terminal. Please come to greet him.

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Like eight spokes on a wheel
by means of which the inner self
experiences outer phenomena.
At the outward extremity
the eight faculties of external perception
are: smell, taste, sight, feeling, hearing,
identification, discrimination, and intellect.

"Eight spokes from the centre of this wheel
outwards directed, by which all beings fall,
and by which the wise return to the One
from the many, when their worldly race is run."

By using these faculties to know
the inner being as well as using them
to experience the world,
the healing knowledge of the Self
dispels the Bloom of ignorance.
We should therefore endeavour to smell
the perfume of the Inner Being,
and taste the blissful nectar of life;
see divine Light;
feel the movement of life
and consciousness within;
hear the Word,
which is the changeless form of life's vibration,
and enjoy the eternal music of the spheres.

Identify the self with the Real,
the Infinite,
and discriminate
between the real Self and illusory appearances;
comprehend through insight the
unity of all things:
That the Void Consciousness and Nature
are One;
and strive to communicate one's experience.

In seeing, see Light,
around the Word shining;
in hearing, hear music,
all space intertwining;
in tasting, taste nectar,
scent the perfume within;
in feeling, feel the movement
from which all begin.
With the ego, identify with the Real.
With reason, weigh it with the unreal;
when inner worth is seen greater than pleasures
let the intellect seek to reveal Truth to others.

By these eight experiences of the Real,
the Infinite One,
the eight avenues by which
the mind leads the consciousness outward
are stopped, and turned inward
on the unknown.
The vacuum centre is seen to be filled -
with peace, with knowledge, with love,
with bliss, with all powers, with life
and with Truth;
yet pure and clear like the sky.

When the Self is seen in His effulgent glory
compassion for all living beings
floods the heart,
for He dwells in the hearts of all.
When the undivided attention of the mind
is focused upon Pure Consciousness,
all dualities and distinctions
melt away into nothingness;
knower and known and the process
of knowing are one.

As gold, purified by heating over fire
gives up its impurities
and attains its own lustre,
so the mind, through meditation,
gives up its attachments,
and freed, one attains the Supreme Reality,
being pure, and blissful Consciousness.

If one sits down
to attempt this inward voyage without guidance,
many lifetimes, many ages,
might pass without certain success;
for each discovery blocks off the way to the next;
veil after veil may lift,
but there will be veil after veil behind.

Not many hear of Him, and of these
few reach Him;
wonderful is He who can teach about Him
and wise is he who can be taught.
Wonderful is he who knows Him
when taught.
He cannot be taught by one
who bas not reached Him,
and He cannot be reached by thought.
The only way to Him is through a
Teacher who bas seen Him;
He is higher than the highest thought;
in truth, above all thought.
This sacred knowledge is not attained
by reasoning;
but it can be given
by a True Teacher.

(Katha Upanishad)

The Supreme path to Liberation is
the Way of the Word.
The Word is infinitely subtle and primordial.
This does not mean that it cannot be imparted:
A True Master is He who reveals the
Original Word of Life,
which is uncreated, ineffable,
and cannot be described;
and who reveals the shining Light within.
His kindness and Grace is the
all determining influence
which flows from the spiritual power
of a Real Teacher.

The True Knowledge for the attainment
of the Eternal
must itself be eternal.
Just as only a light can remove darkness
so only the practical method of imparting knowledge
of the Word and Light to the soul
removes doubt and delusion
from the mind.
Just as only a burning lamp
can light other unlit lamps,
the Knowledge of the Word,
which is a supremely Holy and most
secret mystery,
can only be imparted by a realized soul.
Just as only a living doctor can diagnose
and cure a disease,
so the Spiritual Master must still possess
a human frame
in order to reveal the Reality
practically to the keen aspirant.

If one is fortunate enough to meet a Living Master
one who bas realized the Word,
the subtlemost vibration;
who bas attained perfection and gained
complete mastery over mind and senses;
who is pure and an ocean of mercy -
one would benefit most
by becoming His disciple.

The True Teacher reveals our own true nature
by making us pure in heart;
He concentrates the mind
so that it can reflect
the Light of the Word,
the self within.

Mind is like a mirror, which bas become clouded
by the dust of passions and worldly attachments.
The True Guru gives us a duster,
the True Name,
by which we may clean the mirror of the mind,
and see reflected in it
the Clear Light of Reality.

When the inner self is purified by seeing
and recognizing the Inner Light
and remembering the Word of Life,
it merges with the Supreme Self,
the ocean of bliss.
Nothing on earth, in heaven, or below,
can separate lover from beloved;
for the beloved lives in the lover's heart.
So it is with the Lord and His devotee:
When one has a great longing for His realization
automatically, the Master appears
to give True Knowledge.

The Lord is easily known to one who
has become the sincere devotee
of a True Master.
A True Master is one
who fulfills all the scriptures
of the whole world,
with the came universal knowledge.
He shows directly, the Divine Light,
and removes the ignorance of our true nature.
He reveals within, the Original Word,
which is the primordial reverberation
of Void Consciousness,
unborn and uncreated,

The True Master takes responsibility
for our soul's development,
and personally ensures peace,
by His kindness.
He may be regarded as the highest
manifestation of God.
The real Spiritual Master always
does what is good for our soul:
His every action, every word,
is directed toward the good Of His devotees.
To render Him all service,
and obey Him implicitly
is the most beneficial virtue.

When the world staggers
in the darkness of spiritual blindness
and even the leaders of nations
know not the path which leads to peace;
when all work is done in the ignorance
of selfish thoughts
and men forget that they are each other's brothers;
when the path of Truth and Yoga
disappears in the undergrowth
of materialism -
then the Lord Himself out of His boundless compassion
incarnates in human guise upon earth,
to lead mankind once more upon
the shining path of righteousness.

Spiritual masters come onto the earth
out of compassion for
suffering humanity,
and bring True Knowledge
which gives peace and the bliss
of Self-knowledge.
There have been countless masters and saints
and their disciples became the
messengers of God.
They blessed all who came to them
sincerely desiring
the vision and realization of God,
the Reality;
they removed the veil of darkness within,
and showed the Inner Light.

They baptized in spirit,
giving spiritual rebirth
by revealing the all-pervading True Name,
and focusing the mind onto that
which is deathless.
The Lord sends each Teacher
at appointed time into the world,
for the souls who are ready to fallow Him.
The Perfect Master is
the embodiment of universal love and compassion.

All the Great Masters were
the Word made flesh:
The Word bodies forth as the Master
at the prayers and love of His devotees.
He comes to drive out evil tendencies
and to enlighten mankind
on the path of righteousness.
All the incarnations of the Master
are like the reflections
arising when one stands between
two parallel mirrors.
In order to save mankind from delusion
and suffering,
He can manifest Himself as many times
and in as many forms as He wishes.
In order that we should be saved from bondage and sorrow
we should take refuge in a true Master
who can reveal the mystery of mysteries, the Word of Words.
He should be the embodiment of Supreme Consciousness,
he ocean of compassion, He is the real teacher.

Or he may be a human soul who bas realized fully
the Absolute Truth, and purified himself over many births,
who might have merged in at-one-ment with the all-pervading Reality,
but renouncing Everlasting life and bliss infinite
returns to the world taking new birth,
out of compassion for those still attached in ignorance,
so that the knowledge he has gained might not be lost.

We should not concern ourselves over the question
whether the Spiritual Master is the Lord or a man
who bas fully realized the Supreme.
The only certain thing is that we need a spiritual leader
who confers liberation from bondage.

From the beginning of mankind's history there has been
at least one spiritual Master in the world.
If we could find a True Master today,
within a single moment He could reveal the Reality.
The Master who is true reveals the clear
undying spiritual light of consciousness,
which radiates spontaneously from the seed of Life the Word
And he whispers the mystery of the Word itself
which lifts the veil of delusion from our sight,
which purifies the heart of the most wicked sinner,
which fills us with love for all God's beings,
and brings us into contact with the Lord himself.
Truly the Master's Word is a boat to cross
the fearful ocean of relative existence.

The Word cannot be uttered nor described.
It is not the name of any one great soul in particular.
It is the true Name of all the great souls.
It is the Word without which no words or names can be spoken.
It has existed changelessly throughout all creations.
It bas existed changelessly throughout all ages.
It is our own original "form" and to That all will return.

That Word is the pure "song" of the soul within.
By remembering "it" we are centered in our own soul,
and will merge into the Supreme Being, the One.
This Holy Word is the Lord Himself in dynamic form
creating and sustaining the universe,
and the Word is the essence of our own being.

The Lord, through the Master gives us His Name,
even as he gives us our own Self.
He knows that His name alone bas the power to set us free.
He knows that the mind's nature is to be attached.
He knows that only by attachment to that which is eternally free
can we be freed from this world of bondage.
Detachment without attachment to the ever free Name
is as impossible as lifting oneself off the ground by one's shoelaces.

When the time is right the True Master,
by his kindness, power and knowledge,
transmits the knowledge of the subtlemost vibration of life
to His deserving and sincere disciple.
This transmission is a spiritual rebirth
into the mystery of the Word of Truth.

Mahatma Param. Saphalanand

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The Washington Post - Tuesday, September 14, 1971

`Pretty Far-Out Little Dude'

By Henry Allen

The Perfect Mastert, 13, addressing the faithful in Manhattan.
The mustachioed gentleman at the left is the guru's bodyguard.

Balyogeshwar Shri Sant Ji Maharaj is a 13-year-old Indian guru-saint with 3 million disciples, a dime-store Frankenstein mask, the certainty he can put you face to face with God, a fondness for zapping people with a water pistol, a boundless love for all mankind and automobiles, except for one disciple's van in Los .Angeles that had sheepskins on the seats a stack of telegrams and letters addressed to Supreme Commander and Sweet Lord With Salutations at His Lotus Feet and so on, plus a set of walkie-talkies, one of which Sharon Kelly, a school-teacher disciple carries as she runs out of the house in Northwest Washington, screaming with laughter as she communicates with the Perfect Master in some zany routine about President Nixon.

The Perfect Master is broadcasting from the sanctuary of the second floor, having minutes ago entered the house to a panic of prostrations in the living room.

This is no commune or ashram or crash pad, though. It's a suburban middle-class living room with wall-to-wall shag carpet, African figurines and a baby grand piano with Schumann on the music stand. It's owned by the parents of one of the disciples, Joan Apter, 23.

But today, Sept. 8, the guru is upstairs, on the last of his five-day stay, during which he spoke at All Souls Unitarian Church. It is not known if the guru will descend, or a visitor will ascend, or neither, for a meeting.

Downstairs, the visitor is recovering from the clamor of bad vibrations that went off like a burglar alarm when it looked like he might plunk his tushie in, my God, the guru's favorite overstuffed chair.

The guru spoke last year from a giant throne at India Gate, in New Delhi, to a reputed crowd of 1 million. He needs 1,000 apostles, called mahatmas, to lead and recruit his vast spiritual army. He's the son of a guru from Rishikesh, a region that has spawned holy men the way Appalachia has spawned stock car racers.

According to Dava Lurie, 19, who says the guru told it to her himself, he was sitting alone, weeping, the day his father died in 1966, when suddenly a great light filled the room and a voice said to him: "You are the one to take the message to the whole world."

He'd been getting in shape for years. At 18 months according to leaflets, the little guru would "wake up his father's disciples at 4 o'clock in the morning and tell them to meditate."

At 3 he discoursed to thousands on union with God. At 6 he could do it in English, along with his native Hindi.

Now, the disciples are gathering across the rug towards the newcomer (who elected to sit on the floor) to pass along the word of the Wordless Word. Their bodies tend to scrawniness, youth, and hair. Their eyes range from glitter to dream.

"This is our last trip," says Arthur Brigham, 21, of Denver. He ran into the guru during a year-and-a-half in lndia, and helped organize the American tour now in progress.

Shri Sant Ji
"Do you know the lotus flower? The lotus flower grows in filthy water, yet it is pure."
"The shopowner is one, the shopkeepers are many."
"You do not want to just polish the car, the outside. You want to work on the inside."
"Soon, everyone will have the same knowledge I give. Quite soon. I will not say when. I do not prophesy. But the age of kali yuga (darkness) will change to the age of kali satya (light) soon."

"He has given us his knowledge. We are in our last reincarnations. When we die, we will be liberated, become one with God. It will be like a drop of water that falls in the ocean. Can you take that same drop out again?"

The "knowledge" is given in an initiation, in which aspirants are taught to "perceive the soul with all the senses, with total attachment," Brigham says. "It's the inner vibration that's in everything, the word of God."

But the Word "cannot be pronounced, cannot be conceived by the mind. Only by the heart."

It took most of the disciples in the living room at least three days of intense devotion to get ready to hear the Word.

Learning the moral and ethical obligations of the Divine Light Mission, as the disciples call themselves, took no time at all. There aren't any.

No commandments, no Laws of the Church, no vegetarian diet, no mantras or yoga postures; thou shalt have no commandments. One doesn't need them, one understands, when one has The Knowledge. One will grow away from wrongdoing by meditating on the Unsayable Word.

In the initiation, however, which consists mostly of pep talk and explanation, the aspirants are asked to promise not to reveal the basic techniques for meditating on the Word. And to meditate every day, and attend the satsangs, or lectures.

("Don't use my name," says the woman who describes the initiation and promises. "I've only been in a couple of days and I don't know if you're supposed to tell about the promises or not.")

The proposition that someone with The Knowledge might believe it his sacred duty to murder someone draws patient smiles from the crowd in the living room. The safeguard of .doubt is not necessary with The Knowledge.

"I believe in it absolutely and completely," says Brigham, who has moved to the inside of the circle after correcting a few other disciples' minor errors. "When you see dawn you don't question it, do you? I believe that, spiritually, I am at the dawn."

The Divine Light Mission meets the textbook qualifications for most basic religions: its experience is ineffable, its truth is self-evident, its secrets are reserved to initiates, and its leader, the guru, bears the total tidings of God.

"The guru is such a high," exclaims Miss Curie with soft wonder. "Actually, the first time I saw him he just looked like a little kid to me. But I went down to L.A. to the ashram. The first day, I hated it. I wanted to go back to Big Sur. Everybody said stick around for another day, and then I started to see it. He left for Boulder (Colo.) and one day I fell apart, crying, weeping, praying to . . . I don't knew what I prayed to. Then his spirit came into me and it was such a rush . . ."

Dan Toomey, 21, of Wilmington, was in Berkeley, Calif., "looking for a spiritual master" and getting ready "to split for L.A. when some guy, for no reason at all, gave me this poster about the Guru Maharaj Ji coming to Berkeley."

No reason, oh Perfect Master?

The only thing they can't tell you about him, it seems is whether he will make any more of an appearance this afternoon than a walkie-talkie broadcast.

A large, pimply girl announces the guru has been notified he has a visitor, but he has replied only "Okay."

Someone says the guru needs only seven more hours flying time to get his pilot's license. "The first landing he ever made was perfect."

"I should hope so," says the woman, who travels with Toomey.

They talk about the 1,000 American followers the guru has garnered; about the guru's large toy collection;

The girl messenger re-enters the living room. She brings word from upstairs.

"You may go up and knock on his door," she tells the visitor. "He may answer it. He may not." The burglar alarm vibes go off again.

With the grace of cattle panicking in a thunderstorm, electrified disciples stamped up the shag-rugged stairs with the infidel visitor. They swirl around a locus of panic when somebody sees, my God, the visitor's sandals. A sizzle of whispers orders them removed.

Everybody piles into a tiny study and readies tape recorders and obeisances.

A mahatma, one whose job is to transmit The Knowledge (If the guru did it himself it would blow your mind," says Brigham) leans his shaved head through the door and says to the multitude:

"He's in the bathroom. When he is finished he will come here."

Ears perk for the sound of water rushing down a drain, perhaps. Then the door opens.

Balyogeshwar (meaning "born Lord of the Yogis") Shri Sant Ji Maharaj walks in on patent-leather-booted lotus feet. Brigham scrambles to kiss them. Foreheads zoom toward the floor. The ignorant visitor stands up. The guru sits down in an overstuffed chair.

He's a little kid. Smiling but grave at the same time, he looks like the kind of little kid about whom adults say:, "He should act like a little kid more."

He wears white trousers and a white, shortsleeved shirt over a sleeveless undershirt. He has a round, brown, confident face. His black hair is parted on the right.

He looks like a young, possibly bored Orson Welles. He wears an enormous underwater-type red and blue watch on his left wrist.

He listens to questions and answers in the quick, high-pitched tones one links with both Indians and prepubescent boys. His hands dart and float like a classical pianist's.

Why, for instance, does he preach no rules or commandments? (Forgetting about those initiation promises.)

"You do not want to just polish the car, the outside. You want to work on the inside," he says.

Does he fear his antics with Frankenstein masks and water pistols might cause people to take him lightly?

"Those people who tell you those things do not see the real me. They are like those who stand in an automobile showroom and look only at the mirrors on the walls, not at the automobiles themselves."

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Guru Maharaj Ji lecturing at the Divine Light Mission in Hollywood.


Story of Maharaj Ji of India

By Peter Greenberg

Few Westerners have ever known quite what a guru is. As they understand it, a guru is supposed to be a person who is somehow religious, vaguely benign, mystical in some way and probably comes from India.

Even this fumbling definition, however, leaves no room for a guru who announces his coming on a Transworld Airlines flight he calls his "silver steed," keeps a bodyguard and an appointments secretary, marks his papers "Top Sacred" and is only 13-years-old.

Yet Balyogeshwar Sri Sant Ji Maharaj fills that description exactly. And on top of it, he claims to have three million followers around the world, including 2,000 mahatmas in India who call him master. In fact, he is now seeking more adherents on a three-month international tour which began in Hollywood and is taking him to New York, Washington, Canada and South Africa before winding up with a large rally in London on November 5.

As for Guru Maharaj Ji's approach, it can best be described as giving a whole new meaning to the phrase "no-nonsense." He recently sat barefoot in Hollywood's Divine Light Mission, which overlooks the Hollywood Bowl, in a room decorated with dozens of postersize photographs and color drawings of himself: At his feet sat 40 or 50 shoeless visitors, two mahatmas and his bodyguard, all wrapt in somewhat puzzled concentration on his answers to their questions: Maharaj (beginning): "The aim and purpose of my life is to spread the knowledge of the true nature of the soul to humanity as a whole."

Old gentleman (sitting cross-legged on the green carpet): "Then am I to regard you as the supreme mind of God and knowledge in this room?"

Maharaj (innocently): "Me? Judge it in your own way."

Second visitor (throwing himself on the carpet): "Give me the knowledge!"

Maharaj: "I can't answer materialistic requests. Man has reached the apex of material prosperity while grossly neglecting spiritual evolution."

Short-haired young man (yelling): "I'm tired of hearing theories! I want you to give me the knowledge, and I want it now!"

Maharaj: "Why? Are you going someplace?"

Unidentified man: "Anyone got a green Toyota? They're towing it away."

Maharaj (beckoning): "Gary, Gary, green Toyota."

To most of his Hollywood listeners, the 13-year-old guru's answers proved frustratingly difficult. He won about a dozen people to his way of thinking, and some went through a three-hour initiation to meditation and truth.


But it is not even clear just how the guru regards himself. He says he is spending his spare time writing a book which "will have the essence of all the scriptures," but he disclaims, somewhat ambiguously, that he is a god.

"You'll give your devotion to God through me," he says. "I multiply it many times and then send it to Him."

When he is specifically asked whether or not he considers himself a human, however, he pauses, as though figuring out the answer: "Yes, I am a human," he says, finally.

"Hands, bone, lungs. But guru is greater than God because if you go to guru, guru will show you God."

Maharaj Ji's history has been largely supplied by himself. He says he is the son of an Indian holy man who died when the boy was 8. He claims he began meditating with his father at 2 and at 6 delivered entire spiritual discourses in English in his native town of Dehra Dun in northern India.

He stands 5-feet-tall and attends ninth grade at the English-language St. Joseph's Academy. Its principal, he says, has looked the other way while he is in America, missing classes. "Other children only study about these things," he says with a smile. "But Guru Maharaj Ji is getting practical experience."

Whatever one may believe about the 13-year-old guru, it is clear, that he is without false modesty and that he has a considerable sense of humor. It is not clear, however, which quality was responsible for the announcement which preceded his arrival in America.

"All brothers of love come to welcome Guru Maharaj Ji," it read. "He is coming in the clouds with great power and glory and his silver steed will drift down at 4 p.m. at Los Angeles International Airport. TWA Flight 761."

Nor is Guru Maharaj Ji likely to supply the answer. For as one of his young followers at the Divine Light Mission said when Maharaj Ji's listeners pressed him for clarity:

"Hey, c'mon, you can't coax knowledge out of the guru. You can't trick him or force him to give knowledge. I mean that's the vibes get. When he wants you to have it, you'll get it, and not before."


A dromedary camel can run across the hot desert sands at about 10 miles an hour and can travel as far as 100 miles in a day.


Abraham Lincoln was the first President of the United States to wear a beard.

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County Times and Gazette - Friday, October 22, 1971

Faithful flock to see boy Guru

By Ian Norton

James Vanerne and Sandy Collier,
two of the Maharaj Ji's disciples,
at work in the kitchen at Fernbank,
Golden Manor, catering for the community

A picture of Balyogeshwar Shri Sant Ji Maharaj,
God on Earth to more than three million people,
since he was two years old when the former
Maharaj Ji died. At six years old he gave his
first discourse in English

THIRTEEN-YEAR-OLD Guru Maharaj Ji, claimed by his followers to be the Lord of Love, Bringer of Peace, and Emperor of the Spiritual World, has taken up temporary residence at Golden Manor, Hanwell.

Together with about 10 attendants. the young spiritual master moved into 2a Fernbank, Golden Manor, a detached luxury house in a quiet corner of Hanwell last week.

He is the leader of a movement known as the Divine Light Mission, claimed to be the largest spiritual organisation in India today, and the fastest growing movement of any kind in the world.

Maharaj Ji, whose full title is Balyogshwar Param Hans Satgurudev Shri Sant Ji Maharaj, has been acclaimed by his disciples since he was two years old, when his father, the former Maharaj Ji, died.

At his father's funeral in India, where the movement started in 1961, the child is reputed to have addressed the mourners in Hindi, saying: "Why do you weep? Has not my father taught you the spirit is eternal?"

Since then the Maharaj Ji has been at the head of an ever-growing movement, and has shown the "true Light" to thousands of his followers.


The first branch of the Divine Light Mission was opened in this country in 1969. The mission now has centres in Birmingham, Leicester, Loughborough, Nottingham, Southend, Exeter, Bristol, Inverness and Belfast.

The mission's London headquarters are at Golders Green. The Maharaj Ji and his attendants are staying in Hanwell for only a few weeks before moving into new, larger headquarters in Camden Town.

The teachings of the Guru transcend individual religions - he claims to demonstrate the Divine Light and the Word of God within each person who comes to him.

He and his followers believe in one God, known by many different names, and worshipped in many different ways.

His teachings depend not on blind faith, or belief but on true knowledge of God, which his followers claim they are shown through practical revelations.

The atmosphere inside the house at Golden Manor is one of warmth and friendship. Groups of young people stand or sit on the floor, discussing everything from the weather to Divine Light itself.

A large notice on the front door asks visitors to knock quietly, take off their shoes and place them neatly under the porch.

Only the ground floor is for followers of the Maharaj Ji and for the constant stream arriving to hear the Word. The top floor is reserved for the use of the "young master" and his personal assistant.

One of his followers who has seen the Light is 23-year-old Michael Finch, an Oxford graduate, who is reading physics at Exeter University.

He said the movement has a following of nearly 2,000 in England, several thousand in America, and about two million in India.

Once people have seen the truth, many decide to spend their lives in service to the Maharaj Ji, he said.

When they have decided this, they fall into one of three categories. They can be teachers, administrative staff, or they can earn money towards the mission's running costs.

Twenty-one-year-old David Passis, an architect, is another who has seen the Light, and become a disciple of the Maharaj Ji.


"I was studying to be an architect, but I found I was unable to concentrate on my work. I was nervous, restless, and doing very badly," he said.

"A friend of a friend who had seen the Light suggested I listen to the teachings of the Maharaj Ji as they could be a solution to my problems.

"I took his advice, and eventually was shown the Light. I spent a year in India, and since then my whole life has changed for the better," he added.

"I have given up smoking, I am now good at my job, and I get on well with my parents for the first time in my life."

David Passis, the mission's assistant treasurer, explained that, to be shown the Light, it is necessary first to listen to the teachings of the Maharaj Ji in order to prepare the mind.

There are then four stages of meditation before the Maharaj Ji passes on the knowledge.

"He will give you nectar to drink, and pass on the word of God to you. It has no alphabetical form, and is beyond the realm of man to understand," he added.

"Then you may hear divine music, you will certainly feel the vibrations of the word of God, and you will be able to see this tangible Divine Light inside your mind."

He insisted the Maharaj Ji does not try to convert people from other religions, only to show them true knowledge.

"The Maharaj Ji says only that if you are a Christian, be a perfect Christian, or if you are a Buddhist, be a true Buddhist," he said.

Mr. Finch, chauffeur to the Maharaj Ji when he is not studying, explained most of the mission's disciples in this country are young people.

"This is because the idea seems mainly to appeal to the young over here, but an increasing number of middle aged and elderly people are coming to find the truth as the word spreads," he said.

"Many of the younger people are bringing their parents to see what we are doing."

On Tuesday, November 2, the mission will hold a meeting at Central Hall, Westminster, at which the Maharaj Ji will speak before returning to India for a time.

His trip to India will be made in the first Jumbo jet ever chartered and he will be accompanied by more than 300 followers.

Reason for his visit is a mass celebration in Delhi, at which more than four million people from all over the world are expected.

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Hindi part, including letters from western devotees (in English). Still more letters to process .... and reproduce here!

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Salutations at the Lotus feet of satgurudeva

On boat Taipei to Japan
13 May, 1971

Dear Holy & Eternal Mother,

I tried once to explain to you when you asked me what was in my mind & my aims, but to express my complete love and devotion in words, I find so difficult, so now I hope to do this by letter to pour out my soul at your feet.

I just fear that I may mistake my own will for the will of Guru Maharaj Ji, for all I want to do is to serve completely Guru Maharaj Ji and perform his will as best as I can. At the moment my heart tells me to go to Japan, which I am now very close to and give Satsang; and write songs in praise of Guru Maharaj Ji that might echo the pleas and desperate cries of thousands of people that are seeking true knowledge and the love and devotion of millions of devotees that will fall at His sacred lotus feet. U to now, however, the Santsang I have given to Europeans & Americans has through the grace of Guru Maharaji been successful, but I found the Chinese in Hongkong and Taiwan have been difficult as they are moving into top gear of materialism, particularly in these two places as they are Chinese wealthy people, who left China in the fear of the revolution and of communism. They think that spirituality weakens the will, it will be few years before they start to become dissatisfied with materialism and begin to start the search of the spirit. I think that in Japan it will be different as the youth have rejected materialism already and are beginning to ask the question why are we here ? What is the reason for life ?

Then I will go to America and help Joan, Anne and Mahatma Guru Charananand and one day help to bring his devotees together with Ashrams and communities all over the world. I know that to do these things I will need much more strength, through constant remembrance of the holy name and that I need to bathe my wandering mind in divine light but with Guru Maharaj Ji's grace I pray and beg that I may be able to do so. Please help me to be a good devotee for I have so many weaknesses and just don't deserve this knowledge and to receive your Darshan. Please take my mind, myself and any thought of me, so that I can just remember the holy name. Please help myself to save myself so that I may show others how to save themselves through the only way the true knowledge of Satguru, the grace of Guru Maharaj Ji.

Even though my words still can't express truly what have to say, each word f write I feel Guru Maharaj Ji within me, you make my heart move, my eyes see, my hand write this word, please stay with me always dear Mataji, help me to tell the truth, live the truth and help me to love you forever which is in me and that which is me, which is you.

I have just been speaking to some Japanese boys who say that the Japanese people are searching for something as they are very melancholic people. They were very interested in listening to Satsang, but they said that only people in Japan would be interested if at first Guru Maharaj Ji him self came to Japan as there are many monks and masters in Japan and they understand the need for the spirit, but they have to see that Guru Maharaj Ji is different, the Supreme, so please if Guru Maharaj Ji or Bal Bhagwan Ji came just for a little while, then Mahatmas could give the knowledge for they believe what I say but they want to see to experience Guru Maharaj Ji. My pranam to you and the Holi Family.

Your devoted servant,


Page 84-85

"Salutations at the Holy Feet of the perfect Master." .

20 August, 1971

Most Respected Dear Shri Bal Bhagwan Ji,


This is the most glorious age in the history of the universe. Shri Guru Maharaj Ji has come in this world in such a form that is truly unbelievable. We are now in Boulder, Colorado, a beautiful, natural mountain land in the great plains, near the central part of America. It is truly a magnificent area, pine trees scent the air; the water is cold and pure, direct from the mountains, wild flowers dot the hills with yellow and purple, and the blue, blue sky is huge, uncluttered by the scars of human civilisation in the form of skyscrapers, pollution, concrete and confusion. Guru Maharaj Ji loves it here very much, He has said it is very calm and quite here; and very good for meditation. Every day we try to take the Beloved Lord out into the mountains for a few hours, so He may enjoy His creation. One of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji's devotees here in Boulder, who received knowledge two days ago, and is so blessed as to be the Lord's driver, has presented Guru Maharaj Ji with a Super 8 movie camera, a Minolta with automatic zoom, automatic exposure meter, can do single frames, with tripod and cable release, polarising filters, and spotlight. Yesterday we went to Rocky Mountain National Park where the Lord took many pictures with His new polaroid camera which He received in Los Angeles and many reels of film were taken on the Super 8. We went to the snow mountains, and the glaciers shone a beautiful blue, a perfect backdrop for the perfect features of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji. Many wonderful photos and films were taken. At least 30 devotees followed Him by car and enjoyed His Lila, basking in the sunlight of his divine presence.

Boulder, Colorado is the Rishikesh of America. In this community there are thousands of people, young and old who flocked to hear our Lord on the night of His first programme. At least 2,000 people packed the hall on the evening of 17 August. Ever since that time hundreds of people have come to visit the secluded mountain home in the midst of nature's wonderland, and are camping all over the grounds, not wanting to leave the Holy atmosphere of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji's darbar. More than 250 people are waiting for know. ledge. Really, I wish you could see this divine picture. For the past three days people have been lining up all night to be the first in line for knowledge to be given the next morning. People have left their jobs in the city, their comfort, and are concentrating their every atom of existence to attain this Supreme knowledge by the grace of Guru Maharaj Ji. When people listen to satsang, from our Lord, or from His disciples, they begin to weep. They drink nectar of satsang very thirstily. Every day hundreds are here to receive darshan and hear the holy Discourses of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji. The people after receiving knowledge are like shining stars, going into the city to tell all of the Lord, speaking on the radio, arranging more programs, and making plans to build a beautiful ashram here in the mountains. I feel that our Lord is very pleased with the Love and Devotion which He has manifested here in Boulder, Colorado. Sometimes I feel as if I am awakening from a deep sleep, and I can only weep and feel totally submitted to the Divine Will, the al-encompassing plan of the Supreme Lord as made manifest by His present incarnation as Shri Guru Maharaj Ji. I do not understand this plan nor can I ever see it, but I can only submit myself totally to the perfection of our Lord. I can not grasp anything but my feeling of awe and love and a firm inner voice which whispers over and over again, "Never leave Him, He is the Lord, try to serve Him, try to please Him, Never, never leave Him, He is bliss in Human form." I know more and more about my own ignorance, how miserably incomplete and imperfect. I am, and yet, I rejoice, for if I were perfect, there would be no need for the Lord to come. He is giving the most wonderful satsangs, people listen to His words which come from the power of the highest authority. He is so patient with us, so patient with our imperfections, and always uses Himself as an example, placing Himself on a human level to give us examples that we can relate to. Can you imagine that the Lord speaks in satsang of Himself as a human being, overcoming ego and liable to all the human laws ! He does this to give us an example on our own level, yet it is certain that our Lord is not human. True, He has come in Human body, but I feel that He is the Holy Name, the total power of creation, and in compassion to the human being has put a permanent press shirt over that power so that we may not be too confused. He is so merciful. Yet, none should remain blinded to His human form. He cannot be seen with these eyes, one day in satsang He said, "I am human. But I cannot be seen." This human body is not the Lord, and all in America are coming to the Lotus Feet because of the power of His attraction from soul to soul. He is saving all those who come to Him. We are in perfect bliss, heaven has come to earth. Please offer my pranam to my Beloved Holy Mother, Shri Bhole Ji, Shri Raja Ji.

Love and a million pranams from your servant and eternal devotee.

Joan (Dhiraj Bai)

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"Salutations at the Lotus Feet of Satgurudev"

16 September, 1971

Dear Ram Babu, Basant Lal, Trickam Lal and all the Premies, Jai Satchitanand,

Truth is the consciousness of bliss, and Shri Guru Maharaj Ji is making America alive to the inner bliss of His Divine Love. We are so fortunate, truly there is nothing to say that can possibly convey how lucky we are, for the Lord is here amongts us in physical form, giving joy and bliss to one and all. Shri Guru Maharaj Ji is engaging in many Celestial Lilas, he squirts us with water and bathes us in the nectar of His Holy discourses.

Hundreds upon hundreds of people in America have come to Him in every city that He has graced by His visit. In Boulder, Colorado, 4 thousand people listened to the Lord's discourse, and more than 400 have received knowledge. The people there are so full of love and devotion that we call them the Patna, Bihar of America, though Guru Maharaj Ji laughs at that, for truly there is no equal to Patna, Bihar in all the universe. The West is just being introduced to love and devotion to the Lord, we are small babies who need constant guidance anal attention, but by the extreme grace of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, He has showered us with so much love, He has implanted in our hearts the seed of divine Love, so that devotion easily flows from the heart of such a lucky person who has received His divine Grace and initiation into the sacred and sovereign science of true Yoga.

When people listen to Shri Guru Maharaj Ji's discourses, it is like a veil of fog is being lifted from their hearts, it is as if their eyes are seeing clearly through the mist of ignorance for the first time. Guru Maharaj Ji pierces through the false beliefs in exterior practices, and very strongly tells all that happiness is not to be found in this world, but only from drawing the everlasting waters from the inner fountain of bliss, by knowing the inner name and voice of God, and seeing His true vision.

Now there are ashrams in many parts of America, like rays of light, stars, diffusing light to one and all. In Los Angels the wonderful premies there are starting a radio station and already have a printing press, so the Divine news of Guru Maharaj Ji will spread through the air and over the land, giving bliss and stirring the souls of all.

Guru Maharaj Ji is in Denver, Colorado there, answering the intense love call of His many hundreds of devotees there who wrote Him 60 letters, and sent five telegrams begging Him to return. Of course, the Lord could not refuse such real love, and so He is there until 20th when He will be in Canada. I am leaving today for Canada, to meet with Halen and help as much as I can until the blessed day Shri Guru Maharaj Ji arrives, The address is:

341 Bloor St. W.
Room 426
Toronto, Ontario
Tele : (416) 922-8082

I think Guru Maharaj Ji will be in Canada until 10 October when He will grace Germany and perhaps after that Switzerland before returning to London for the November function. That happy day is swiftly arriving when Shri Guru Maharaj Ji will return to His beloved India. to meet all the devotees there. I know that there will be a huge explosion of love, for the hearts of devotees are calling Him so strongly there, He knows how much the premies in India are suffering to have His holy darshan. It is only His Divine mercy which is keeping Him here with us, for we are poor children who know very little of this Divine devotion, but only feel intense love.

We are totally dependent upon He alone, for truly Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, is the source of all love and peace in this world, and since our soul immediately recognizes Shri Guru Maharaj Ji as the Supreme Lord and Master, the creator of all, what can we do but follow Him and try our best, in our own imperfect way to please Him. Guru Maharaj Ji says if we want grace then there must be effort. Without effort there is no grace. So if we try to do our best, Shri Guru Maharaj Ji will help us by His grace to be successful.

Everything is in Shri Guru Maharaj Ji's hands. It is by His will that we are so lucky as to be able to serve Him, He who has every thing, who needs nothing, but because He is merciful allows us to fumble along and try to earn his blessings.

Guru Maharaj Ji went to West Virginia to be with brother Richard Friedericks, who had been 2 years without Guru Maharaj Ji's darshan, but because of His love and practice of meditation, had already understood His divinity. Richard went to London and saw Guru Maharaj Ji for the first time there, and then returned to West Virginia to arrange a programme for the Lord there, Morgan town is a small city, but because of the intense devotion and grace of Guru Maharaj Ji a huge programme was arranged, and 700 people heard the Lord's divine discourse. Many people came the next day and received knowledge.

I left early to go to Washington and help arrange a programme there. Guru Maharaj Ji graced my house and lived here, making my home a holy ashram for six days. Really, I cannot tell you how blissful it was to play and laugh and listen to the words of our Lord as He revealed so many parts of His nature to us. I had put on a gorilla suit in West Virginia, and the Lord laughed and laughed. In Washington I put on a Count Dracula cape, and we-all-laughed. The thing is this; being with Shri Guru Maharaj Ji is constant joy, expressed in so many ways. but because our happiness has no bounds, we play and joke and laugh, because in truth the Lord is all laughter, He has no troubles, no worries, He is totally free and independent of all, and only wants to give us enough Love so that we can share in His bliss and partake of His freedom, and laugh in this world, bathing in His Grace. He is the Supreme, the highest manifestation of God.

The programme in Washington was very beautiful, though not so huge. About 800 people came to hear the Lord. He spoke directly to the point, stressing that it was not possible to attain true knowledge of God without the grace of a true, living master. About 45 people received knowledge here. Throughout His stay, wonderful lilas were played. The Lord went on a speedboat on the Chesapeake Bay, and I went water skiing behind Him !

When Guru Maharaj Ji left for New York, I stayed behind to clean and arrange the house in good order, so I could leave. My mother and father were in England, and the responsibility of the house fell on my shoulders. Finally I realised that I would not be able to leave Washington -until I had raised enough money to pay the bills, and had several meetings with the new premies, so that all could have the grace of holy company. Devotees gathered together in the Lord's Name, and he encouraged to practise their meditation.

It was the first time I had not beers with Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, and my heart felt like an abandoned child. I drove up to New York the day of His programme there, and was driving so fast that I got arrested, but the police were kind, and I told them about Guru Maharaj Ji, and they let me go with a fine so that I was able to reach the hall in time to sing one song before Shri Guru Maharaj Ji's arrival. It was so Divine, I was totally lost in Love, seeing the Divine countenance of our beautiful Lord, who intoxicates the soul.

Then I returned to Washington, where I raised the money needed to pay back the outstanding bills just in time before my mother and father returned home. When they returned, I felt that the house was no longer a holy ashram. By the grace of Guru Maharaj Ji my eldest brother received knowledge, and His wife, but my mother and father are still not understanding this knowledge, for they were so unlucky as to be out of the country during Guru Maharaj Ji's visit here and did not have the darshan of the lovely Lord, nor did they hear His discourse. Of course, my mother heard Guru Maharaj Ji in Los Angeles, but she still needs more time to understand the importance of spiritual knowledge. I was thinking so hard, feeling so hard of Guru Maharaj Ji, wishing that I should be with Him, and wondering what to do about my family, when the telephone rang and there was the wonderful sound of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, I don't know what happened, the Lord laughed and laughed so completely that my whole soul filled to the brim, and I soared high above this universe in bliss, laughing and laughing, and forgetting my external existence completely. Guru Maharaj Ji laughed when He heard that I had been earning money by going to the University here, spreading a cloth under a tree, and selling many different things, just like an Indian bazar wala. When I told Him, I had finished my work raising money, He said to come to Boulder or Toronto, and my heart sprouted wings and flew to His feet to do pranam. Really, He knows every thing about our internal heart, there is nothing hidden from Him, and He is the great Comforter.

So today James and myself are flying to the ashram in Canada.

I never think of the future, for I know that Guru Maharaj Ji will always take care of me and place me in the proper place at the proper time. He is all knowing, we have nothing in this whole world to fear. He has made us free.

I look forward to our meeting in November, when I witness the meeting of the Lord with His devotees in India, and see them lose bodily consciousness for joy at seeing the Divine vision of our Lord once again. He has stolen our hearts, there is nothing but Him in this whole world. How lucky we are !

My Jai Satchitanand to one and all. Love from your sister.

Dhiraj Bai

P.S. Please convey my dandwat pranam to the Most Holy Divine Mother, the sustainer of all, who has sacrificed every thing to this world, to give the Divine Love of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji to the world, and to the most Perfect Shri Bal Bhagwan Ji whom I miss more than words can tell; who is the Divine Expression of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji's Love in this world from time immemorial. I wonder what Celestial plans He is making for the November function, and wish I could be there to do service like last year, the most blissful work of all, by His side.

My most danwat pranam before the Feet of Shri Bhole Ji and Shri Raja Ji.

P.S.S. This article is not exactly the best. I personally do not like the journalist's style, he is not serious, tells very little about the Lord, and more about His impressions of the house the day He arrived, for an interview. This is the Kali Yuga. Still, the pictures and quotations and many other things in the article are very good, so I am sending the whole thing along to you.

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