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Readers' quotes from
Soul rush : 'The odyssey of a young woman of the '70s',
by Sophia Collier. Published New York : Morrow, 1978.

Someone asked in a post for some quotes from Sophia Collier's book 'Soul Rush', which is an autobiography which discusses her involvement with DLM & GMJ. I must point out that this book was published in 1978. I am aware that Sophia had a successful business venture with Soho soda. I believe, but may be wrong, that she is an owner of Working Assets, a progressive investment firm. I do not know what her recent or current feelings are about GMJ or DLM. Without that information, I don't think it is fair to ascribe the quotes I include here to her today. I do think the quotes constitute anecdotal evidence about what was happening with M and the organization during the times she discusses. For that reason, her book is an important source of historical information.

Here's a little bit from Chapter 9.

She describes premies who came into a community food store where she worked and tried to get them to stock the magazine And It Is Divine. Page 108---- 'To change the world,' they said, 'you have to change the hearts of people in the world. As long as there is anger and hatred inside people, there will always be war and murder.... Knowledge [the name of their brand of meditation) is the only thing which is going to do it for people,' they would insist emphatically.

Page 113, she describes comments made by the mahatma who gave her knowledge. 'Guru Maharaj Ji has the divine mission of taking this Knowledge to all people. By learning these techniques today, a bond of love and commitment is made between you and Maharaj Ji. By taking this Knowledge you become disciples, and you must follow his counsel to the letter if you want to progress and realize union with the God inside you in this lifetime.'

Page 114, a woman asks the mahatma, 'Why this intense reverence of the guru?

The mahatma answers: 'Oh sister, to me Guru Maharaj Ji is the divine father..... To me he is the Lord himself standing on earth.'

Page 116, the mahatma warns that if the meditation techniques are taught to anyone else, the premies would not suffer in this life, but in the hereafter. They would undoubtedly be reincarnated as snakes.

From the context of the chapter, Sophia received K in 1973, sometime after Rennie Davis.

These passages are an accurate account of what was being said by and about GMJ during this period of time, by my recollection. Brings it all back in living color, doesn't it? I was truly a nitwit.

I'll include some more over the next few days.