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All about the integrity of the event.  Eh what?  Integrity?  Oh yeah - Elan Vital does not want any bongo disgruntled un-lit exes to attend events - events that are "Opportunities to spend time with Maharaji and learn from him are so precious".

I remember the last time I went to a program I did not have a smart card and had to be interviewed by some premie. He was desperatly trying to stay in holy name (ya know, breathing in and out very deeply and slooooowly) and when he was not speaking to me was trying to suck his tonsils.

Maybe he was fearful that I may have been the one disgruntled ex that would steer him away from his true path and take him 10,000 lifetimes to recover from?  Who knows?  One thing is for sure premies no longer speak to each other other than in extremely hushed tones.  Funny and sad at the same time.

The edicts below were comunicated to active premies (pwks) via "First Class"
the Elan Vital private communication system - late 2002 .


Passing this message on.
Attending events for People with Knowledge only.

Dear all

The Instructor Team in Europe would like your help in helping as many people as possible apply for Smart Cards now, well before any people with Knowledge only events with Maharaji next year.

This year those people with a Smart Card had an easy time registering and accessing the venue . It made registering and attending the event easy, private and intimate.

Those without Smart Cards had to queue and go through a verification procedure.

As only people with Self Knowledge were invited, people without smart cards had to be interviewed by Instructors so they could ensure that the integrity of the invitation had been honoured.

Being interviewed by someone to demonstrate that they have received Knowledge can be an ordeal for some. People get to an event tired, often don't know anyone and can feel upset. The last thing anyone wants is for people to feel like this at such an incredible time. Opportunities to spend time with Maharaji and learn from him are so precious.

Those lucky enough to witness the beautiful interaction between Maharaji and his premies know how fortunate we are to be invited to these events. It is his invitation and we can help make it easy for people.

So we would like help in reaching those premies who are not around or who think a Smart Card is unnecessary. They need to understand the benefits of the smart card system, not only to themselves, but also for the integrity of the event.

With Smart Cards, people can be invited to events for people with Knowledge only with short notice.

Without Smart Cards there needs to be a large verification team, including instructors available at every event which may not always be possible.

Its important therefore that all people with knowledge get this message so they have enough time to apply and get their card.

Applying now is a simple process, (please refer to the previous message called 'The Smart Card Initiative' for applications and Information.)
Because the Smart Card can take approx 3 months to be delivered, the recommendation is to apply as soon as possible in preparation for the many future events that we all are looking forward to.

Thank you in advance for helping.

The Instructors in Europe


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