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Self-Knowledge is no more

Below is the full text of the anouncement passed along in the premies' teams (February 2003).

TPRF/EVdo seem to be getting pretty paronoid about being identified as a cult these days.
Below we see them wanted to differentiate themselves from other "spiritual groups".

In the "Beyond Words" stuff they said:

"Beyond Words is designed to put someone in touch with their thirst, before they are given any reason to identify possible barriers like: recruiting for a group, personality cult, indoctrination, trying to tell me how to live, some kind of religious practice, or movement etc..."

Separately there has been some discussion amongst some premies that they do not like the word "Propagation" as some feel that that word has connotations  to a "Nazi breeding program".

Oh what is a cult in its final stages to do huh?  What a massive U turn they have done.


Dear all,

I'm sending you this message related to the terminology "Knowledge" (rather than Self-Knowledge), that may help you to clarify how we can better use it, when referring to it.

Although there is no word that can appropriately and accurately convey what is described when using the words "Knowledge" or "Self-Knowledge," some clarity has emerged regarding the respective merits, or lack thereof, of these two words.

In English, and possibly in a number of other languages, the word "Self-Knowledge" is being used more and more frequently by various spiritual groups. The use of this word tends to blur the lines between what M and others offer. Also, because it is a more specific term and includes the word "self," the term "Self-Knowledge" can cater to some concepts that people have about the self and about knowing the self.

Knowledge, although it is used widely for other applications ("knowledge management" and such terminology), is not used by anyone other than M to denote something "within." Furthermore, because of this lack of reference, some surprise or curiosity may be created, which induces people to ask "what kind of knowledge?" and that curiosity is a positive one.

The word "Knowledge" will be used in TPRF print materials currently being created and translated. It will take some time to revise websites and other materials accordingly. You will see that it is not always a simple matter of a word search and then replacing "Self-Knowledge" by "Knowledge." In some instances, a more specific context needs to be provided when using the word "Knowledge." Therefore, you may need to wait for the changes in English first.

Of course this message will be sent to translators, that are really involved in the preparation of the materials, but good that we all start to get familiar with it, so we can use this word in a more proper way. Please make this information available to all teams that you are working with.

Very warm regards

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