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"To disseminate Knowledge to those who were seeking the inner experience of the self, who were thirsty for it - that was the objective and still is....Quite a few people wanted to see me as a figurehead. I didn't want to be one and I am not one. A few others saw me as a leader, and I didn't want to be one and I am not one."
Prem Rawat, on his
website, February 15, 1999 - 'Journey' section.

- Maharaji in his own words -

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Dear Reader,

By the grace of Almighty Lord, we bring you the magazine And It Is Divine. You will find this magazine very different from others, because it shows not only the suffering of the world, but also a way out for all humanity.

There has never been a time when the Lord of Creation did not manifest Himself in human form, and come to this planet Earth to do away with evil and spread the True Knowledge. But history is a pendulum which is always in swing. There have been so many scriptures, but still people have never been able to understand Him.

Divine Light Mission wants to bring world peace by sharing the Knowledge which is within us by the grace of Almighty Lord. In this magazine, we hope to give information about the peace which lives within us, which Guru Maharaj Ji reveals.

Sant Ji Maharaj
(Guru Maharaj Ji's preface
for the DLM magazine 'And It Is Divine'
published in the 70's and early 80's)


The Supremest Lord in person before us : the Supreme Lord incarnates and takes a body.
Maharaji, the Master : is really Hari (Supreme Power) in the form of man.
Be with the Physical Lord : who has come into this physical world with a Physical Body!
Not even a leaf moves a millimetre : without Maharaji's wish!
I am the light : I talk through your voice. I'm the power that works in your hands. I am everything. Only in me the world has meaning.
To be with the person who is everything , GURU MAHARAJ JI. The Lord all powerful.
You don't go to earth for liberation : Every benefit that you were supposed to have in liberation, you will get... away from Karma, away from actions and always in the bliss and the radiance of the Lord. That place will be given to you while you are on the earth with the Lord, with the human form, with the physical presence of the Lord.
Guru Maharaj Ji comes, or God comes into the world
Who is Guru Maharaj Ji?: Jesus gave us this Knowledge, Krishna gave us this Knowledge, but now we must look again for a new Master...
What does it feel like to be Lord of the universe? Maharaji's answer.
This world would just completely collapse if Perfect Master stopped coming in this world
Guru Maharaj Ji. The Lord. All-powerful : The person who is everything

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"Who is Guru? The highest manifestation of God is Guru. So when Guru is here, God is here, to whom will you give your devotion? Guru Maharaj Ji knows all. Guru Maharaji is Brahma (creator). Guru Maharaji is Vishnu (Operator). Guru Maharjai is Shiva (Destroyer of illusion and ego). And above all, Guru Mahraji is the Supremest Lord in person before us. I have come so powerful. I have come for the world. Whenever the great come,the worldly oppose them. Again I have come and you are not listening. Every ear should hear that the saviour of humanity has come. There should be no chance for anyone to say that they haven't heard of Guru Maharaj Ji. Those who have come to me are already saved. Now its your duty to save others. Shout it on the streets. Why be shy? When human beings forget the religion of humanity, the Supreme Lord incarnates. He takes a body and comes on this earth ......
When human beings forget this one way, then our Lord, who is the Lord of the whole universe, comes in human body to give us practical Knowlege, ....But, most ironically, we don't appreciate the Lord when He comes in His human body on this earth. Similarly, a Satguru, a Perfect Master, a Supreme Lord who is existing in the present time, can give you the practical Knowledge of the real thing... So God Himself comes to give practical Knowledge of His divinity, of His inner self, which is self-effulgent light, eternal light, all-pervading light. And the Supreme Master, the Satguru, gives practical Knowledge of that light, irrespective of caste, creed, color, religion or sex, to those human individuals who bow before him with reverence, with love and with faith."

(Various excerpts - Who Is Guru Maharaj Ji)

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"Just see, today this word 'guru' has become a ridiculous term, a sort of a joke and people do not know what is a 'guru'. When I fly a plane in India, I often listen to the radio in the cockpit. There are talks going on between various pilots in the vicinity. Somebody would address: ''Well Guru, how are you?" Because they do not know the true meaning and implications. They don't understand the glory of a guru and Master. Because they have forgotten altogether. They have made such pseudo-guru who have put the whole system to disrepute. For instance, in schools they don't know the correct meaning of a couplet like:

The radiance radiated from my beloved is of suds an amazing hue ...
They say, "oh yes, because Kabir saw a sort of redness..."

But what sort of redness was it? Such so-called gurus have marred the reputation of this institution. It has been ruined. Actually the guru is such a personality about whom it is said:

« I bow down to the lotusfeet of my Guru Maharaji, who is the ocean of mercy and is actually Hari (God) himself in human form,
And whose words are like sunbeams to disperse the accumulated darkness of gross ignorance. »

So Tulsidas says that he bows down to such a Guru Maharaji, the Master, who is really Hari (Supreme Power) in the form of man. So the main thing to understand here is that he bows down to the feet of that guru whose utterances, whose expressions are able to illuminate. And what is that which is illuminated by his words? It is the heart which is illuminated. His words are able to sever and dispel the spidery web of illusion, infatuation and ignorance. This I have seen myself and realized in my own heart. Yes, in my heart!"

(Excerpt from M’s discourse at Shri Sant Yogashram, New Delhi, India - November 9, 1990 - Published in : ‘Life Force’ Volume 7, Issue 2, April-June 1991 - by : Divine United Organization, Shri Sant Yogashram, Shahurpur, Mehrauli, New Delhi 110 030, India). Read the
whole satsang online.

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AND now I'll tell you of devotion. Devotion is a two-way ticket. But with this two-way ticket, you don't go there to Mukti (Liberation). You don't go to that place. You don't go to liberation, but you stay here and this is devotion.

Every benefit that you were supposed to have in liberation, you will get. That means being away from Karma, away from actions and always in the bliss, and the radiance of the Lord. That place will be given to you while you are on the earth with the Lord; with the human form, with the physical presence of the Lord. That is called devotion.

As long as the devotee is there, the Lord can project devotion out of him. Understood ? You know, if there is no devotee, how can there be devotion ? Can there be devotion without devotee ? How can there be ? There can't. So, if there is devotion, there has to be devotee. Have you understood now ?

And if there has to be devotee, he has to be in a physical form. A devotee has to devote something. Have you understood now ? To devote something, he has to be in a physical form. And where is it possible for him to be in physical form ? On the earth. And with whom can he be in the physical form ? With the Lord, who is in His physical form ! He has to be with the Physical Lord who has come into this physical world with a Physical Body. Understood.

(Guru Maharaj Ji - Essen, Germany - August 31, 1975)

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GOD made two things, two cars - one automatic, one manual. One who has devoted whole life to Guru Maharaj Ji, they are in manual condition. It is in my hand to put them in gear. No desire.

Other is automatic. Gear is there. Gear has to be shifted. Those who have not yet devoted to me for all life. Powers you have that create desires. Those desires can be good or bad. You must see what to do with desires that are good, and those that are bad.

In manual, I shift to gear after gear, but automatic does what it likes. Gears have been put, now there is only an accelerator. You will have to be like this premie, to devote your whole life to me.

Agya is the only accelerator. If you want to be in manual, there has to be a clutch. When you press it, the car is free from all the gears. Not just mahatmas are in manual. Is this premie Mahatma ? No. But he is in manual. I am the clutch freeing him from the gears or putting him in action.

To be in clutch, leave all, and come here. If you are still in automatic, clutch and brake are combined. In automatic, only the Agya is the accelerator.

To be in manual or automatic is not up to you. It is your part to play. I am the gear box.

In first surrender, there are four gears. In second surrender, there are only two gears.

That depends on me what gear I want you to work. Everything depends on me. Not even a leaf moves a millimetre without my wish.

(Guru Maharaj Ji, March 13, 1971)

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"Do you need me? I am with you.
You can't see me, though I'm the light that allows you too see me. You can't hear me though I talk through your voice. You can't feel me, though I'm the power that works in your hands. I'm working within you though you ignore my paths. I'm working though you don't recognize my work.
I'm not a strange vision. I'm not a mystery - only in absolute silence beyond the personality that you seem to be; and then only like a feeling and like faith. Still I'm with you, still I hear you, still I can answer you.
When you need me, I'm with you and I help you. In the moments in which you think you only find yourself, I'm with you. Even in your fears. Even in your pain, even when you meditate and when you don't meditate. I'm within you and you're within me. Only in your mind are the problems of 'mine' and 'yours', but still only with your mind you can know and perceive me.
Empty your heart of ignorant fears because apart from your personality, in between, I will be with you. By yourself, you cannot do anything, but I can do everything.
Though you cannot see the good - The good is there. Because I am there, because I have to be, because I am everything. Only in me the world has meaning. Only when you are in me, the world will take it's true shape. Only because I am the law, in which rests the movement of the stars and the growth of each living cell.
I am the love that is the fulfillment of the law; I am safety; I am your peace; I am everything. Though you fail finding me, I never fail finding you. Though your faith in me is insecure, my faith in you never vanishes. Though you give your faith and love senselessly to others, My love is only for you, because I know you, because I love you."

(Guru Maharaji Ji, Speaking to IDP Group - February, 1982)

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Look it's beyone liberation. It's beyond all those things. Beyond all concepts. In this lifetime, we have the opportunity to realize, to be with GURU MAHARAJ JI. Be it not GURU MAHARAJ JI - You know maybe they didn't call him GURU MAHARAJ JI - Maybe they called him Lord, anything to be with that power. To be with that thing. To be not infinite. And yet to be with the infinite. To be here as individuals. And yet to be able to be next to the person who is everything, GURU MAHARAJ JI. The Lord all powerful.....

(Malibu Ca, June 11, 1978)

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It's been said that Guru Maharaj Ji comes, or God comes into the world, when there is a decline in religion. God comes, Guru Maharaj Ji comes, and helps the world.

(Denver, Colorado; October 12, 1974.)
Read the excerpt published in 'The Living Master'.

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Answers from Guru Maharaj Ji, 15 Year Old Perfect Master.

Who is Guru Maharaj Ji?

I have not come to establish a new religion or sect, but I have come to give you Knowledge of Truth. If you come to me with a guileless heart you will surely receive this most ancient spiritual Knowledge, which, if practised upon, will give us perfect peace of mind.

Jesus gave us this Knowledge, Krishna gave us this Knowledge, but now we must look again for a new Master to show us the light. The sun comes and goes away but we don't look for the light of day which has just gone. We look for the new rising sun. The sun is there, but it rises in a new beautiful way, and we look for that. In the same way, God is the same, but now we look for him to come, in a new way, to give this Knowledge.

What is a Perfect Master?

When we say 'Perfect Master', this is what we mean. A man who teaches you math, you call him a math master. A man who teaches you science, you call him a science master. A man who teaches you perfectness, you call him a Perfect Master.

(Divine Times, February 15, 1973)

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The following is an extract from an question and answer session given by Guru Maharaj Ji in Portland, Oregon, June 29, 1972.
Printed in 'Elan Vital' magazine Volume II Issue 2, Summer 1978:

Question: Guru Maharaj Ji, what does it feel like to be Lord of the universe?

M: What should I tell you about it?

Question: Just what it's like.

M: What it's like? Nothing. Because you are not in yourself; somewhere else; one with someone else.

Question: How is it to be like a puppet?

M: You don't know.... Do you? When you become Lord of the Universe, you become a puppet, really! Nothing else; not 'you'. Not 'I', not 'you' no egos, no pride, nothing else. One with humbleness; servant. Very, very beautiful. Always in divine bliss. Creating your own environment - wherever you go, doesn't matter. Like my friends used to play and I used to sit right in the corner of my ground and meditate (laughter).

She wants to change places with me! I wish I could change places with everyone, and give one hour of experience to everyone! But it's not possible.

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The following is an extract from a talk given at Malaga-Spain - March 26, 1978.
Printed in Divine Times, Holi Issue, 1979. Volume 8, Number 2, Page 29:

.... keeps every one of us alive. Okay, so you don't know what the other guy's wardrobe is like, or what kind of watch he wears. But it doesn't matter. Because we all know one thing, and that's the Knowledge. And we know that that Knowledge keeps you alive, keeps me alive, keeps everybody here alive And then, by knowing that, it automatically becomes a beautiful, beautiful garland, in which we just completely merge and become one, and then experience that great one-ness that just doesn't end! It has no end to it And that's the point that we have to come to.

Because this mind always tends to try to do whatever it has to insure that we are always confused, to insure that we're always on the wrong track And you can ask that one question Why?

… Because the more we surrender, the more that Grace will be able to flow. And the more that Grace will be able to flow, then the more satsang, service and meditation will be able to manifest in our life.

Why is mind so incredibly after us, so blatantly after us to keep us con-fused all the time? Why is it always wanting us to pursue the wrong thing in our lives? Because that is the nega-tivity. There's a positive and there's a negative. And the negative is always the shadow. And it's just like I said Mind is not something that you can touch. Mind is not something that you can see. But you can just feel it It's this thing always following you, wherever you go. And the slightest moment that it can, it attacks you It's there, and it's just always hovering.

Because it is what we have created It's our monster It's our shadow that we have created And it hovers over us, and haunts us. And we keep on making those mistakes, keep on opening those gates so that that haunting becomes even more and more terrifying.

This world would just completely collapse if Perfect Master stopped coming in this world. I can't possibly even imagine or foresee what this world would be like. Because it would be completely incredible to just see the beginning and the end of the world in the same minute, in the same second, in the same hour. It'd be just gone! Finished! I mean, with the Perfect Master in the world there's enough problems. And with him not here, it lust feels like the whole thing would just go "poof," and that would be it.

And when Perfect Master comes into this world, what does he try to do? When Jesus came into this world, did he say, "Oh, my children, go to the moon and you will find peace"? Or when Mohammed came, what did he say? Go to Mars, and there you will see the scene that you've never seen before"? I mean, he could technically have said that, because I guess since nobody had been to Mars, then that would be a scene that nobody had ever seen before! But he didn't say that.

At that time in the battlefield, what is Krishna trying to explain to Arjun? Is he trying to tell him how great the moon is? How the craters are there? And there is no gravity, so you just give yourself a little push and you go flying in the air? And that's the peace, and that's the settlement, and that's the happiness? Or saying that, "Fight against each other, and that will bring you peace and that will bring you satisfaction, and that will bring you happiness"? And even in the Gita, where this is what Krishna was talking to Arjun about: Okay, why don't you fight?" There was something completely different that happened.

Krishna said, "Okay, Arjun, I'll reveal to you the third eye through which you will be able to see me, because you cannot see me with these eyes." And when Krishna revealed the third eye to Arjun, this is the incredible sight that they depict in pictures. (Of course, they're hand painted. They didn't find the negative of it or anything like that.) But it's like a thousand heads, one with fire coming out and one with this coming out, one with that coming out And I mean, it's just outrageous, incredible, fantastic.

And yet when you receive Knowledge, you know exactly what Arjun saw. It wasn't something like fifty-thousand heads He saw this Light that Krishna described to him. He said, You're gong to see a Light such that hundreds and thousands of suns put together are not even like that And he saw Krishna's real form.

So every time the Perfect Master has come into this world, where has he directed that attention? Why has he said, "What we need to do is to bring peace into this Earth? It's "bring peace into this Earth." Why has it always been peace into this Earth …..

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To be continued...

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