"To Everyone Helping with the Land Project"

Reproduction of a letter sent to Australian premies.

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Thursday, 22 August 1991

To Everyone Helping with the Land Project

Just a personal note to let you know what's happening ...

Settlement took place on 31 July. The total cost of purchasing the property, combined with legal and development application costs, was approximately $450,000.

The response has been wonderful and $236,000 has been received. To meet the settlement a $200,000 long-term loan was arranged as well as a number of short-term loans.

Settlement has been the first step - there are many more to come ...

Firstly, by 10 September, at least $30,000 is needed. This is to repay the short-term loans, and to begin meeting the ongoing monthly expenses of about $4,000.

I feel that the only way we will do this is if we all chip in whatever we can, even if it only seems a little. Once these commitments are out of the way we can begin raising the funds to prepare for November, now only weeks away !

If you can help, please send your contribution back asap in the enclosed envelope. A pledge form is enclosed incase you haven't already got one. This also tells you how to send funds.

As far as the land itself, we have started picking up all the cowpies, which probably number in the millions, so this is likely to be the main on-site activity between now and the November event! You are welcome to come and help, just bring a spade! Everything else will wait until Maharaji is here .....

If you want to talk to me, you are welcome to call on (07) 846-1413.

Thanks for your support.

Warm regards

Jan McGregor

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