Maharaji's Krishna Crown transport box

This box was used to hold the Krishna outfit to travel on the 707. It was custom made at DECA by an excellent cabinet maker who also built a cabinet to display M's watch collection


This was finished in 1980, possibly in time for the first flight of the B 707,
and may still be in use today.

The box was requested by M and the sketch below the photo shows his rough idea. That sketch was translated into working drawings by the DECA design department and fabricated in the cabinet shop.

The purpose of the box was to safely (and regally) transport M's Krishna costume onboard the Boeing 707. The entire airplane, being refurbished at DECA in the early 80's, was appointed with custom handmade furniture from the same cabinet shop.

The document came to us from an anonymous person who had been involved with design at DECA. That's all we know about this historical curiosity. Others who were there can most likely provide more details.

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