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1) there are 1800 US premies who contribute regularly ($500/yr or more)

2) another 1800 US premies give $1-500/yr

3) on the last US tour in miami, they had to call up old time premies to fill the hall for the 2nd night, because of the empty seats.m doesn't like empty seats,you know,it upsets him and he has given specific instructions to have them filled when he speaks.The organizers told the premies that they had important service for them to do at the hall, so they would feel guilty about not coming.When they arrived, they told them to just enjoy the show, they were not needed-at least they got the seats filled, without paying people to come...they just manipulated the premies...

4) programs in the 70's would draw 10-20,000 people....

5) about 4,000 people attended the recent tour (there may have been more seats filled, but many of those were people who attended 2,3,4 or 5 times)

6) approx. 5-10% of all the people who ever received knowledge in the US or UK will attend a program.Less than that will contribute even $1/yr.

7) the US is in the process of closing almost all of the halls in the country...

8) m has said that the US, in terms of propagation,is 'falling off the table'

9) a recent fundraiser for amaroo attempted to raise $450,000. but at last count, raised about 100-150,000, causing program to be moved into unknown future..

10) m has announced that tours will end.

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