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Date: Tues, Mar 14, 2000 at 16:16:24
From: Occasional Mole
Email: None
To: Everyone
Subject: General Alert


EV is about to announce a North American tour...small halls... for pwk ONLY...knowledge reviews for all. This will be kept very low key ...heavy security.

m just cranked out another batch of 22 instructors, just in time for the tour.

Instructor Objective:
The instructor team's key objective for 2000 is to continue to place responsibility for propagation on people with Knowledge everywhere and to make all propagation activities less dependent on instructors in general.
They also want to ensure continuing quality of propagation activities as this transition occurs.

Performance Plans:
The instructor team is currently revising a performance plan for the instructor area. A key element of the plan is to have agreements with Regional Contacts and National Contacts on specific objectives with measurable results for all instructor activities.

London Underground.

Date: Sat, Mar 04, 2000 at 13:04:22
From: Unknowing
Email: None
To: JW and all
Subject: How much PASSION does an usher really need?


This is the premie response to m's yacht speech given to the 'motley crew' (sorry guys)

So that we can respond to Him it is necesary to undertake a SEVERE and SINCERE clean-up. We have been asked to do this with the UTMOST SERIOUSNESS.

I would like you to make a self-assessment regarding your own participation and role in our team and ask yourself these questions.

1/Do I have the PASSION to continue in this team?

2/ Am I willing to address the AREAS in which I NEDD TO IMPROVE in order to become a more RESPONSIBLE AND EFFECTIVE USHER?

3/ Am I prepared to act within the team guidelines, meeting ITS STANDARDS and STATED GOALS with a measure of ACCOUNTABILITY to assure that this happens.

Duh! How much passion does it REALLY take to be an usher. (Bongos or what!) Ahh! start swabbing those deck me'hearties!


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