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Links to Ex-Followers Websites
A general information resource for anyone interested in finding out what has become of Maharaji, and also as a point of reference for former premies, current premies, aspirants, and their families. exists because of our desire to share our experiences of our involvement with Maharaji and Knowledge. New "asprirants" and existing premies are still being encouraged by him to become, or to remain, steadfast in their devotion. Maharaji attempts to surround himself only with people who are reluctant to reveal what they have learned about him. Those of us who have broken away from that devotion want to make available what we've learned in the process, so we offer freely on this site the true knowledge of our experiences.
Glossary - Definitions of the terms used by Maharaji and his devotees.
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions and their answers.
Journeys - Our own individual experiences.
White Pages - A listing of ex-premies with their email addresses.
Forum IV - Online Forum.
Bob Mishler Interview - Transcript of a radio interview with the former President of Divine Light Mission.
History - Maharaji, Divine Light Mission and Elan Vital.
The Family : Sibling Rivalry - Oldest brother Satpal has his own cult. Satpal in England - UK Mole's review of Maharaji's brother's cult.
Videos - Visions International
Aspirant Process - Steps to devotion.
Instructors - Guiding the process.
Becoming an Initiator - Moving from devotee to Instructor.
Instructor Application Survey - Want to be an Instructor? Take the test.
The Instructor's Manual - Maharaji spells it out.
Interview with an Ex-Instructor - Mr. Ex spells it out.
Enjoyinglife Exposed - Baring his Standards .
A Psychologist's View - An Austrialian psychologist looks at Maharaji.
Mr. Natural Meets The Kid - R. Crumb's 6-page comical look at Maharaji.
Malibu Residence - Blueprints of Maharaji's Malibu Mansion.
Maharaji's Personal Finances - Where it comes from, where it goes.
Breaking Free - Help for premies who are ready to untie the Knowledge knots.
Helpline - Recommended reading and links to offsite help.
And much more...

The Truth about Maharaji
All of the evidence which shows the man behind the myth.
Much of the evidence has been gleaned from the ex-premie forum and you'll see a lot of ex-premies posting there who eventually saw through the con trick that Maharaji has perpetrated for so long.
The motivation for constructing this site is to dispel any myths about Maharaji and free people from any delusions they may have about him. It is not an attempt to hurt Maharaji but rather a desire for the truth to be known so that falsehood can be eliminated. The truth is neutral and stands on its own merit.
An overall view : The evolution of a charlatan.
Maharaji's ashrams : Houses of mental & emotional torture.
Sex & scandal in Malibu : Eyewitness details of affairs.
Maharaji's drinking habits : This remained a secret for years.
Maharaji abuses his followers : The unhappy devotees get no mercy.
Maharaji's private parties : Hashish & booze galore.
Shattered lives and tragedies : Some have paid with their lives.
What people think of Maharaji : Ex-devotees vent their anger.
Another ex-instructor speaks out : Comments from one who's seen it all.
Maharaji's response to Mishler : A selfish attitude is revealed.
What Maharaji is up to now : His attempts to deceive the innocent.
Child abuse in Maharaji's organisation : The healing has yet to start.
And much more...

Roger's House of Maharaji Drek
Resource Centre For Quirky Trivia Relating to Maharaji
In the he or didn't he say he was God? The debate rages on.
Strong Links: Where to find more information about Maharaji.
Best of the Forum: Posts that we have deemed worthy of being read again and again.
False links to other Guru Maharaji's. Links to external sites on the Web that have information about other gurus and spiritual leaders.
Weak and Missing Links: Links to external sites on the Web that have interesting trivial information about Maharaji.
Hot Links: The Chronicles of the Red Nighty. A fictional romance novel of sexual repression, betrayal, and the ultimate search for the truth. Authored by Ms. Conception, Mr. History, Lena, Pink Pajamas, Pink On Red, Red Red, Tacky Romance Novelist, Carlos Guzman, and more.
Exposed - Michael Dettmers and the Swiss Foundation.
From the Pulpit of the Reverend John Hammond-Smyth.
Believe It Or Not: Stories presented for your consideration. Stare (Visual Information Inquiry) Issue 803. Stare is published on the premise that art still is fun. Yes it's magical, enlightening, mysterious...Amazing little story about naked women and photographing them in front of a picture of Maharaji, but Maharaji's image refuses to develop!
The Weekly Scandal Sheet
Imaginary Links: Definitely, absolutely, really fiction.
Picture Gallery: Pictures of whatever about Maharaji. See Roger's devotees sing Arti to him. Houston Astrodome, site of Millenium festival of 1973. Maharaji showing his forgiveness and love to ex-premies. Cover of Divine Light - Guru Puja Special circa 1971.
And much more...

It IS So
In Answer to EV's Allegations
In the month of May 2001, a web site was launched on the Internet by an unknown person under the name of Pia Grunbaum, claiming "I have decided to host this web site because Maharaji and the people who enjoy his Knowledge are being cynically attacked by a hate group...". It IS So is meant to serve as an introduction to who the ex followers of Guru Maharaj Ji are and what they want.

I Object to Prempal Rawat
Maharaji vs. Exes' Websites - The Saga
During the year 2000, websites run by former followers of Maharaji have been shut down after Maharaji, or his corporate or legal representatives, complained to the Internet Service Providers. (ISP's). Here is the story.
The Maharaji Responsibility Campaign

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