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In reviewing the answers found in the questionnaire sent out previously, and thinking about what would achieve the greatest long-term benefit, which of the following topics/events would you like to see an instructor focus on during a visit to your city/area over the next six months?


* The process of being introduced, preparing for and receiving Knowledge - inviting people - the different ways to introduce someone

- the " learning more " phase

- the aspirant process

- the process for receiving Knowledge

- follow up and support for people who have recently received Knowledge

- video libraries

* MC training

* Events in languages other than English

* Other


· Participation event- involving more people - Identifying and communicating needs (someone would during the event)

· Working as a team (focusing on benefits of teamwork; instructors won't organize your team, but could facilitate some communication)

· Help to identify the National resources available

· Other


· Introductory event-promoted well in advance

· Learning More events - when people are being introduced - through events, audios or videos on their own, saw M once previously - a LM event with an instructor would be an opportunity to

invite them to hear more about the M and Knowledge.

· Aspirant Event (Preparing for Knowledge) helps existing aspirants and also is a catalyst for those who have been attending LM events to step forward and hear about preparation

· Practice for people who recently received Knowledge that have not yet been to one

· Meeting for people who recently received Knowledge for all `'PRRK"


· Extended time events like half day or full day events

· Event for PWK to showcase Introductory materials

· Area wide events where more than one community can get together

· Update events for PWK who attended the Satellite event that have not been around much

· Would it be helpful for an instructor to stay in one area over an extended period of time thereby allowing for a second visit to build on the first one?

· Other ideas

Thursday, April 08, 1999 1:50:09 PM


From: Marci Klein

Subject: Tour Information



General Notes:

1. Please announce at events for pwk's or aspirants AS MUCH IN ADVANCE AS POSSIBLE BEFORE CHRIS ARRIVES: Anybody who has questions or topics they would like Chris to cover can be written down and given or sent to the city contact and made available to Chris upon his arrival. Give people an option to present this in a sealed envelope, if they feel more comfortable.

2. Give attention to thinking in advance about the layout of the event and having an appropriate number of chairs set up so that the room doesn't look empty and feels comfortable for all who attend.

3. Chris often meets people when he travels and has requested, if possible, to get invitations from every city who is hosting either an intro or l/m event sent to him so he can travel with these invitations and hand them out. For example, if you are going to an event in another city, and Chris will be coming to your city sometime after that event, maybe you could bring the invitations with you.

Please have available the following videos:

PWK Events (EV's jargon: PWK=Persons With Knowledge)

Practice and Enjoy (25 minutes)

Participation: A Remarkable Opportunity (21 minutes)

My Privilege (10 minutes)

If you are having a 3 1/4 hour event, also have these available:

One video before a practice session that runs 15-20 minutes. In Chicago, we used "New Delhi Morning Session, 11/19/97". This one was GREAT!!!

One by One OR Call and Response

The Human Side (11 minutes)

Aspirant Events

Preparing For Knowledge: Questions and Answers (19 minutes)

The Human Side (11 minutes)

The Seed (7 minutes)

If you are having a 2 hour event, also have these available:

Any recent aspirant video(s) that haven't been shown & run for a total of 20-25 minutes (to open the event).

L/M Events (L/M= Learning More)

The Bridge or another L/M video where M answers questions.

Also have available two or three 15-20 minute videos that haven't been shown recently for Chris to choose from.

Intro Events

Have available three or four 15-20 minute videos that haven't been shown recently for Chris to choose from.

Event format:

One hour event--video, Chris speaks 5-15 minutes, video

Two hour event--video, Chris speaks, video; break; video, Chris speaks, video

3 1/4 hour event--video, Chris speaks, video; break; video, Chris speaks, video; break; video, Chris speaks, video

If Chris will be doing one event in your city, you can consider doing two or three events in a row. For example, you can begin with an event for PWK's, break (give a chance for the next group of people to arrive), do a L/M event, break (give a chance for the L/M group to comfortably clear out), break, and then finish up with an event for aspirants. Before the aspirant meeting, it's not a formal break. Just invite the aspirants to the intro or l/m and say Chris will meet with them separately afterwards and show some videos and talk.

Personal notes:


Any further questions? Contact Chris via FirstClass or by telephone!


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