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Fund Raising

(Excerpt from the
confidential booklet distributed to EV's local contacts in 1999.)

The most effective fund raising is often a Knowledge-related event surrounded by videos, an instructor(s), information about Visions products, and information about propagation.

We recommend the following: Combine inspiration with the fund raising - perhaps an all day video event with a collective approach, with an instructor, focused on propagation and Knowledge. Resource information can be presented along with information on Visions propagation materials; and videos can be screened.

Screening videos can be shown at a video event. A screening video cannot be shown at a private fund raising activity.

It's helpful to remember that the purpose of Elan Vital is not to be a social club. The video hall cannot be used to promote private fund raising activities. This is so the atmosphere at the video event can remain focused on Knowledge.

Announcements about private fund raising activities may not be made at video events, nor tickets solicited, though we cannot really stop people from distributing flyers if they are on public property (e.g. if they are in the parking lot).

If someone wants to do private fund raising, it is important to leave Elan Vital out of it. Whatever fund raising is undertaken, it must be done as a private person and cannot involve the organization.

The fund raisers themselves need to be responsible for finding out the legal and tax requirements in their city and state. They may need to contact a local attorney to find out the local rules. There may be potential legal and tax consequences to private fund raising.

People propose garage sales, golf tournaments, dinners, dances, etc. While these activities may raise funds, Elan Vital or the unincorporated association should not be involved in any way in these activities. An individual can have, for example, a garage sale or a dinner as long as these activities are not held on behalf of Elan Vital or the unincorporated association. All checks written would be made payable to the individual sponsoring the garage sale or dinner. If, in turn, that person wishes to send an anonymous contribution or make a contribution to Elan Vital, Inc. or the unincorporated association, it is that person's prerogative. Fund raisers should still research their city and state legal and tax requirements.

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