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Dear city, aspirant and information contacts,

Regarding PR approval of written documents:

We would like you to know that Andrea Robins is the US PR contact now and will be taking over the function of giving PR approval for written documents. Whenever you have written documents that need PR approval, please send them to Andrea Robins either by FirstClass, email:, or by fax (904) 532-0559.

Please note 2 important points: any document that has already been approved like monthly or weekly schedules and invitations, does not need to be approved unless you are changing language or content dramatically. The method of transmittal for a document doesn't matter - we still need to approve it. For example, if you are sending an informational letter about local events or any other document that needs approval, by either snail mail or email, Andrea still needs to approve it.

Please remember: we still request one week turnaround time for approvals. In some cases, the document may need review by legal and the information contact. For documents that will go on the information table at a local or national event, (unless it has been previously approved), Danielle Fitzpatrick will receive them from Andrea to approve.

Thanks for your cooperation. If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact Andrea at (407) 262-1760.

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