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This is part of the "package" premies received in a "training" seminar in Chicago, 2/99.

Sample Invitation

You are invited to a
Video Presentation introducing
Maharaji and his message

Radisson Hotel - Agoura Hills
30100 W. Agoura Road, Agoura Hills

Thursday, February 22
8:00 PM

Many people have requested input on invitations to introductory video events. Invitations may increase the impact of local events; however, they do end up in the "public domain", so the contents should be looked at from a public relations point of view.

The wording in the invitation above has been reviewed and approved for use in printed invitations to local video events. As an invitation it, hopefully, reflects the content of an introductory video event and would also be consistent with the videos shown and how an MC might introduce the event itself.

Please do not change the wording of the invitation itself.

If you want to use different wording, please fax a sample for approval to Elan Vital, c/o Terry Yingling before using it.

Also: Initial capital letters can be used in the mords "You", "Video Presentation" and "Maharaji". Please print other words in lowercase only. The word "message", for example, might carry an unwanted connotation if it is given an initial capital "M ".

Otherwise feel free to substitute fonts; add borders; include more dates; enlarge or reduce the size; use a folding card and print dates or the address on an inside panel, etc.

.. Additional wording:

Directions (to the venue) may be printed on the back or inside panel of an invitation.

The local phone line (dedicated phone lines mith recorded messages, only) should be available on the back panel of the invitation, using this wording only:

For more information and local video events,

please call: 1 (234) 567-8910

A few, extra points regarding the invitations:

Aside from a border, the presentation should be neutral - colors should be white, off white, light grey, beige and should be on a medium to heavy weight stock paper (so it seems like an actual invitation ! )

The point is to give people some notice on introductory events. It would be good to have dates on the invitation that are a few weeks in advance or even a full month so that the "invitees" can plan their schedules.

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