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What is an Event for Learning More about Knowledge:

· It is intended to be an ongoing opportunity for those who have been introduced to hear more and learn more about Knowledge, over an indefinite period of time, until they decide for themselves that Knowledge is, or is not, something that they would like to pursue.

· It is a regularly held video event (perhaps once a week when there is no introductory event scheduled)

· It is not a part of a series; it is not meant to "follow-up" one introductory event.

- Interested people attending any event of this type could have been introduced through any of these means:

- Attending a video event

· Watching a video given to them or shown to them by a friend

· Listening to an audio tape

· Reading an introductory publication.

· This event also serves as an introduction for some people who are coming for the first time.

- These may be people who could not attend an introductory event because of a conflict or illness.

· Guests might also be invited by those who have themselves just been introduced and are excited and simply invite friends to the next video they are attending.

The key components of an Event for Learning More are:

. An effective MC

· An Introductory element An early or beginning aspirant element

. The Brochure ( refer to sample under Information set-up)

Video Content of an Event for Learning More:

· Opening Video: A short Introductory video

· Second Video: A compilation video covering early or beginning aspirant topics; perhaps in Q & A format

. Possible close: Short video on 'What is next..."


An event video that covers all of the above

Some Suggested Learning More Video Combinations

One Breath 7 Mins
The Fine Line 30 Mins
Feel The Thirst 16 mins

Live This Moment 8 Mins
The Moment called Now 30 Mins
The Next Step 13 Mins

The Gift Of Life 4 Mins
Searching 18 mins
Feel Your way 17 Mins

Ocean 4 Mins
The Want Within 27 Mins
The Journey Home 19 Mins

A Simple Perspective 12 Mins
Within You 35 Mins

Feeling Of Life 15 mins
About learning 35 Mins

An Atypical Topic 32 Mins
M Answers Questions 22 Mins

The Possibility 9 Mins
The Simplicity Of Enjoying Life 19 mins
Learn To Admire 23 Mins (Is first 23 mins of Hove)

Suggested Videos For "Learning More" Events


The Fine Line 30 Mins

A Moment Called Now 30 Mins

An Atypical Topic 30 Mins

The Want Within 28 Mins

Equilibrium 30 Mins

A Simple Rhythm 32 Mins

Feeling Of Life 15 Mins

Listen To You 30 Mins

Wembley Public Event '97 40 Mins

Miami, Sept 4 1994 50 Mins

Learning More

Searching 18 Mins

The Next Step 17 mins

Feel Your Way 17 mins

Feel the Thirst 16 Mins

Learn To Admire 23 Mins

The Simplicity Of Enjoying Life 22 Mins

The Journey Home 21 mins

M Answers Questions 22 Mins

Listen To The Heart 18 Mins

About Learning 29 mins

The Bridge 26 mins

One Kind Of Friend 22 Mins

A Remarkable Messenger 19 Mins

Learning To Listen 17 mins

Inside Of You 18 Mins

Conversations 22 Mins

Aspire To Learn 40 mins

Learning More Q&A Part 1 33 Mins

Come As You 44 Mins

Hove '94 60 mins

Within You 35 Mins

What A Gift 21 Mins

Q&A Amaroo '96 26 mins-


The Possibility 9 Mins

ThisTime 4

Field Of Joy 7 Mins

One Breath 7

The Gift Of Life 4 Mins

A Simple Request 7 Mins


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