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This is part of the "package" premies received in a "training" seminar in Chicago, 2/99.

Legal and Financial Guidelines regarding Video Library


Cities throughout the United States screen videos from Visions International at local video events . These videos are owned by Elan Vital/Visions and communities are only authorized to "use" the videos. They must be kept or returned to Visions. They cannot be sold or distributed. Many cities have opted to form video libraries.

· Videos may not be rented.

· However, a suggested contribution maybe requested which covers the cost of the library operation including postage, as well as future screening fees and purchase of videos.

· Cash contributions are recorded as anonymous contributions unless specified to be attributed to the contributor.

· Someone borrowing a video may make a check payable to the local association or to the local Elan Vital branch, whichever applies.

· If someone loses a video, he or she may be charged the cost of replacement;

and this would be booked as an offset to the screening fee expense, and not as a contribution.

The local association or local Elan Vital branch account will pay the postage. The cost of the postage will be part of the operational expenses which are factored into the suggested contribution.

· All cash and checks received by the video library are deposited into the local association or local Elan Vital branch bank account.

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