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Outline of City Contacts Legal and Financial Guidelines

This page shows wide excerpts of documents distributed to EV's City Contacts during training sessions that took place in 1999.

1/ Propagation

A. What are my objectives or goals?
B. What steps am I going to take to achieve those objectives/goals?

2/ Visions license to local community

A. Visions has a royalty free, nonexclusive license from speaker to document speeches, produce audio/video and other materials and distribute those materials worldwide.
B. Visions copyrights all materials. What does this mean? You cannot take videos and duplicate them to give to others; you cannot post materials from video on Web; etc.
C. Visions, in turn, authorizes communities to show (screen) videos publicly (Exhibit 1 Sample License Letter Agreement) ; in some cases, the permission is implied.
Such videos are not owned by the community: Visions can request return at any time; may be used for video libraries; may not be "given away; " Cf. sales videos.

3/ Formation of local organization: legal liability

A. Relationship between local community and EVI
quality control by EVI
decision-making by local organization

B. Unincorporated association: what it is; how do you form it (Exhibit 2 Memorandum to organizers of local associations)

C. Legal liability: If someone slips and falls, they can sue you. Taxing authorities may wonder what the money is that is going through your bank account. The unincorporated association is the way to protect yourself.
D. Fiscal and financial responsibility/accountability:
E. Teamwork: city contact; financial person: contributions person; information person; productions person; etc.
F. Role of City Contact re legal and financial responsibilities (responsible for "proper legal and financial setup to sponsor local video events; " "timely payment of Visions screening fees;" review of written materials to be distributed to community: oversee other teams)

4/ Insurance

A. Liability insurance: (Exhibit 3 Safety Check List)
B. Property insurance; purchased equipment (financial aspects/recordkeeping)

5/ Temporary venue

A. Contract for hotel/venue
B. Application for use of public facilities such as library (no fudging; no misrepresentation)
C. Insurance certificate?
D. Payment arrangements

6/ Permanent venue

A. Lease/contractual and monetary liability
B. Lease/allocation of liability in lease
C. Legal advice; signatures on lease; etc.
D. Guaranteeing the lease liability

7/ Legal Issues facing local organizations

A. Privacy (mailing lists; contributors; aspirants, etc.) No personal use of information regarding participants in local community
B. Psycho-medical procedures/security (legal right to create harmonious, quality atmosphere in which propagation can occur; no legal right to attend video events if disruptive, drunk, drugged, disorderly, or otherwise cause a disturbance or create an atmosphere in which others are uncomfortable) (Exhibit 4 City Contact Guidelines for Responding at the Local Level to Individual s who Display Psycho Emotional Distress & Inappropriate Behaviors)
C. Sex Harassment (aspirant team; etc) (Exhibit 5 Sample Sex Harassment Policy)
D. Temporary Restraining Orders (Exhibit 6 Sample Temporary Restraining Order)
E. Children at events/liability; Cf. breastfeeding (Exhibit 7 Policy re Children at events) See also Exhibit 8 California law re breastfeeding.

8/ Video libraries

A. Visions/Source of material to be loaned
B. Financial rules and regulations (Exhibit 9 Legal and Financial Guidelines regarding Video Library)
C. Interface with other terms such as aspirant team, etc.

9/ After event Procedures

A. Secure equipment
B. Secure contributions and proper cash handling
C. Accounting/handling deposits; paying expenses; etc.
D. Necessity of legality; accuracy; integrity to process

10/ Fundraising

A. For which organization? local unincorporated association or EVI?
B. Involvement of EVI/local organization in fundraising events such as dances, dinners, golf tournaments, etc.
C. Use of EVI/local organization venue for fundraising activity;
D. Use of screening videos for private fundraising activity
E. Announcements/advertising of private fundraising activity at local video events; use of EVI/local organization mailing list/phone tree for fundraising events
F. Compliance with state, county and city legal requirements for fundraising
G. Private party compared to public activity (garage sale, car wash, etc.)

11/ Visions Sales

A. Financial requirements: separate sales table from contributions table; receipt of funds; accounting for funds; etc.
B. Need more than one person, e.g., one for contributions, one for Visions sales

12/ Reimbursements

A. Instructor Reimbursements (Exhibit 10 Financial Standards for Instructor Travel Expenses in North America)
B. Miscellaneous Reimbursements (reimbursing volunteers for telephone, postage and other out pocket costs)

Resources - Synchronize with National Contact and Geo Reps

A. Legal Team
B. Financial Team
C. Contributions Team
D. Visions Team
E. Resource Team
F. Instructors

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