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This is part of the "package" premies received in a "training" seminar in Chicago, 2/99.


Each geographical area will cover costs of travel, housing and food both into and within the area.

The travel costs will be divided among the various cities involved in the visit, using common sense and a method of distributing costs that is agreed upon by all.

Each area needs to make a simple instruction sheet which is provided in advance or at the beginning of the visit explaining the reimbursement procedure for the area.

How are the travel expenses covered?

The first city on the tour will give the instructor $50 travel expense allowance.

The expenditures will be reimbursed before the instructor leaves town.

The instructor basically has the $50 advance for the entire tour.

All reimbursements require a receipt.

Gratuities can be documented on a note.

Flight reimbursements to Elan Vital can be made using the Travel REIMBURSEMENT To EVI form.

Flights will be economy class. Upgrades are done at traveler's expense or using mileage.

The city/area will cover the cost of ground transportation.

How are the housing and food costs covered?

If a hotel is planned, the maximum is $120/night; in most cities, more economical hotels can be found between $70-$90.

Instructors in hotels will make long distance and international calls on calling cards.

E-mail expenses: Instructors need to arrange calling card and/or international service provider access to avoid long distance charges for E-mail and FirstClass use.

Instructors in homes will make advance arrangement for payment of long distance or international calls.

Incidentals such as laundry/dry cleaning, entertainment and personal expenses will be covered by the instructor.

If food arrangements are not available through local personnel then a reasonable per diem will be offered based on the standards of each city ($30-$60).

The instructor will provide receipts for these expenses.

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