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Guidelines reg children's attendance at 'events'.


where Maharaji is speaking

In an effort to create a focused and quiet environment at events, please consider the following information before bringing children.

Which children are invited to attend events?

Children 8 years of age and older who:
1. have already been introduced to Maharaji and his message
2. wish to attend out of their own genuine interest in listening more
3. are able to sit quietly throughout the event.

Please do not encourage your child, but allow him/her to make the decision to attend based on personal interest.

Consider making alternative child care arrangements in case your child does not attend the event.

Making seating reservations:

Please reserve a seat next to you for your child-using the same reservation form as for yourself. Safety regulations do not allow two people to sit in one seat. You may also request a seat near to an aisle for easier exit if you need to leave during the event. (Making a seating reservation does not guarantee attendance for a child-the child also needs to meet the attendance requirements above.)

Obtaining an Entry Pass for the event:

On arrival, children between the ages of 8 and 12 need to obtain an entry pass from the Child Reception table. This pass needs to be worn throughout the event. It helps to identify the child if he/she becomes separated from the parent(s) and lets ushers know that the child is registered. Parents and children need to go to the Child Reception table well before the event starts. This table will be open from the time the lobby opens until 30 minutes before the event begins.


Child care is not available at events.
For safety, a child needs to be accompanied by an adult at all times.
If a child becomes restless or disturbs other attendees during the event, please take the child out of the hall.
Lobby areas are not suitable for children or parents to wait while an event is in progress.

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