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Here is a sample of a contract between an EV community and Elan Vital / Visions.

755 Lakefield Road, Ste. J
Westlake Village, CA 91361
Telephone: (605) 496-4777
Facsimile: (805) 496-3165

February 1, 1999
Ms. Patti W. Knowles
Blyssville Resource Group
410 Capital Street
Blyssville, Ohio 43432

Re: Permission to Screen Videos

Dear Ms. Knowles:

Elan Vital, Inc., a Colorado nonprofit organization, doing business as Visions International ("Visions"), hereby authorizes the Blyssville Resource Group ("BRG") to exhibit in public audio and video recordings (individually, the "Work;" collectively, the "Works") in the City of Blyssville for a period of one (1) year. The Works relate to the performance of Maharaji, including but not limited to speeches, discourses, quotes, music, poetry, literary compositions, lectures, conferences and similar matters of Maharaji. In exchange for the right to exhibit the Works, BRG shall pay Visions the sum of $ _____ per month.

The term of this agreement shall be automatically extended for additional periods of one (1) year, unless BRG is notified in writing by Visions thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of the term.

BRG may not charge any admission fees with respect to the exhibition of any of the Works.

On behalf of BRG, you acknowledge that the Works are copyrighted by Visions. You agree that BRG will take no action which might infringe Visions' copyright. If BRG may not duplicate, reproduce, edit, modify, alter, add to or change any of the Works provided to it for exhibition and screening by Visions. BRG may not sell, distribute or otherwise transfer any of the Works provided to it for screening. At Visions' request, BRG shall promptly return the Works, at BRG's expense, all Works provided to BRG by Visions for exhibition.

From time to time, Elan Vital/Visions may provide guidelines for setup, safety, format, and use of the Works at local video events. BRG acknowledges that its use of the Works is subject to quality control by Visions and agrees to implement and follow any such guidelines.

If you resign or are replaced as the BRG contact, please be sure this letter agreement and any guidelines given you pursuant to it are given to your successor.

Very truly yours,

ELAN VITAL, INC. doing business
Colorado nonprofit corporation

By ________ LINDA S. GROSS

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