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Taking Care of Aspirants

The Local Aspirant Contact: Role Description
Guidelines for Filling out the Aspirant Information Forms
The Aspirant Information Form

(For Aspirant Contacts Only)

Guidelines for filling out the Aspirant Information Forms

1. Include information about aspirants:

a. who have been attending video events for three months or more and at least once per month;
b. who are unable to attend events but borrow videos (or audio tapes) regularly to watch at home (e.g., a new mother, a person who works nights or lives a long distance from events, someone with a disabling condition,- indicate this information in the comments section);
c. who are planning to attend one of the events, regardless of their attendance at local video events (even if they have been attending less than three months).

2. Please fill out forms based on your own observations or those of other aspirant team members; there is no need to ask the aspirants themselves. Also check with your video library to include information if the aspirant checks out videos. Keep information simple and factual, without interpretation .

3. If you have information on aspirants of Indian origin, please let Rita Bharuchi-Shank know at (510) 236-5232.

4. Return the aspirant information form by June 20th to the regional aspirant communicator for your area who will send them no later than June 23rd to Steve Price via fax (303) 274-9698 or First Class e-mail.

5. Typed information is easier to read than handwritten. Because faxing often causes blurred letters, please use a 12 pt. font or larger. If the information is handwritten, make sure it is clear and legible.

6. Check carefully for spelling and correct telephone numbers (including area codes).

Specific category guidelines:

7. Number of Local Events (per month): Include only the number of events aspirants could attend.

8. Tune Listening: Indicate the number of recent consecutive months the aspirant has been attending. For example, if someone attended 5 months regularly and then you didn't see him for four months and now he has been coming six months, then put 6 months.

a. Regularity: Be sure to specify the number of times per week or per month. Avoid using terms such as regular or sporadic.
b Translation: If there are aspirants for whom English is not their native language, ask if they will need translation.

Attending this Event: Check if you know this information at this point. If you find out about aspirants planning to attend Miami after June 27th, please send complete information on these people to your regional aspirant communicator.

The Aspirant Information Form: general overview.
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Local Aspirant Contact Role Description

(Draft for use in the U.S.)

Title: Local Aspirant Contact
Reports to for policy: National Aspirant Contact, National Contact and Instructors
Coordinates with: Local Team and City Contact (team coordinator)
Role: To provide the resources and information needed at the local level to assist a person through the process of listening, preparing for Knowledge, and keeping in touch.

Overall Responsibilities:

1. Receive, understand and implement the guidelines provided by instructors and the national contact through the national aspirant team.

2. Stay synchronized by attending aspirant team meetings and meetings with instructors.

3. Coordinate with the city contact and the local team to provide regularly-scheduled video events for interested people, aspirants, and those who have recently received Knowledge.

4. Develop a local aspirant team as needed.

5. Provide aspirants with accurate, timely, relevant information.

6. Provide instructors, the national contact and the national aspirant team with information when requested.

7. Assist instructors with aspirant meetings and practice sessions.

8. Liaise with local library staff (if any) regarding aspirant video and audio tapes.

9. Conduct oneself in such a way as to maintain the integrity of the aspirant process.

10. If unable to continue in this role:

a) inform the national aspirant contact and the city contact; and
b) coordinate with the national aspirant team and the city contact regarding a replacement.

Specific Duties:

1. Oversee the scheduling and selection of appropriate videos for aspirant events and events for people who have recently received Knowledge.

2. Coordinate with MCs to ensure that a trained MC is available at the above mentioned video events as needed to make basic announcements (see scripts and guidelines).

3. Provide information for monthly reports and visiting instructors regarding:

a. Number of aspirants in area
b. Aspirants attending regularly
c. Aspirants attending regularly for the last 5 months or more (An Aspirant Contact Manual with more details is forthcoming.)

4. Maintain an aspirant card file to notify aspirants of events with instructors and/or to mail information regarding Knowledge sessions.

5. Provide aspirants with the following information:

a. A schedule of all local video events appropriate for aspirants
b. Meetings with instructors
c. Blank card for name, address and phone number so aspirants can be notified of events, if necessary
d. Events with M and possible Knowledge sessions

6. Participate in the planning process for instructor visits and aspirant meetings.

7. Be available and trained to make phone calls to aspirants (for instructor meetings and events with M as appropriate).

8. Meet with instructors for briefing on arrival and debriefing on departure.

9. Be aware of and use all resources available to you, including:

a. Guidelines
b. Instructors
c. National contact, national aspirant team, and other national staff
d. Aspirant contacts in other communities
e. Local city contact and local staff (ushers, information, AV, and so on)
f. Visions International
g The video and audio library (if available)
h. Printed materials (schedules, information, brochures)

10 Provide the video library staff with an updated list of appropriate video and audio tapes for aspirants and brief the local team on the use of the library for aspirants.

11. When interacting with aspirants:

a. Maintain confidentiality and be discreet
b. Avoid personal relationships
c. Respect the aspirant process and allow aspirants to proceed at their own pace without judgment or influence
d. Refer aspirants to appropriate videos when asked questions about Knowledge

Functional Reports:

1. Monthly aspirant statistics: total; regular; and regular for at least 5 months

2. General aspirant information for instructor visits

3. Individual aspirant information as needed in preparation for Knowledge sessions


1. Respect for the integrity of the aspirant process
2. Commitment to the role and available time
3. Good communication skills
4. A sense of responsibility for the success of all propagation efforts
5. Ability to work as a member of a team and coordinate team efforts
6. Organizational skills
7. Common sense

Note: This is a working document that will be revised on an ongoing basis. It is intended to be used only as a planning and organizational tool.

Loc.Asp.Contact-Revised 2/7/99


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