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Amaroo Participation Meeting 1997

Thanks to someone who had the patience to hear and transcribe the whole video, here is the transcript (and some comments) of one of Prem Rawat's typical indecipherable discourses.

That type of "participation" video was instructed to be shown ONLY to those who supported financially the organization and/or Prem Rawat - some sort of reward for the 'good' premies - the real dovotees. We have to assume that only them are able to hear him talk this way and understand his special teachings !

The original meeting was 45 minutes long - whilst the (edited) video is only 25 minutes long. One can only imagine what could be included in the edited out sections ! According to people who've been there and/or seen the original unedited video, the missing part is about how he asked his followers to give 150 % of their effort, to do service to help him propagate what he calls 'HIS Knowledge'.

The video starts with background music, a panorama of the Amaroo site. Then Maharaji/Prem Rawat comes into the room, sits down in a large black leather chair placed in a high stage. About a couple of hundred people sitting on the floor stand on immediately when he enters the room and begin to clap for a while loudly, many scream, cheering him. Faces of ADORATION are shown... the camera goes around the room. Some people’s faces are "blank", their mouths are opened, they look puzzled


Amaroo Participation Meeting Video- September 3, 1997

PREM rawat taps the microphone.....


At first I wasn’t really going to come (People laugh, PREM rawat in a joking manner, smiles) because the way they send me the invitation it was so unclear....ummm....and at first when I looked at it... I didn’t even know what was going they didn’t send it in an appropriate time, but then I was taking a walk and I saw all these people going into the hall.....(people laugh and clap)...and...maybe I dropped by... and....what I really wanna say and this is not going to take too long and I hope that nobody takes it the wrong way because is not intended to be... hurtful to anybody... but maybe it can help everybody. Because I think it really is our hearts and our feeling that brings (sic) us here to do SERVICE...and of course something in us sees an opportunity to be able to express something....and that is why we come...and is not easy...under the circumstances, things have to happen, things has (sic) to get done...and is always that pressure, you know, of having done yesterday (sic), and I mean that... having done yesterday....(he clears his throat, people laugh softly) far the inspiration is concern I guess is up to you, to feel that, because I think if somebody feels that gift of Knowledge in their life (sic) and feels that simplicity....then there is a natural extension...of expressing that gratitude......... And if you feel that...then that is why you should be here. Not because you feel a sense of responsibility...that you MUST be in Amaroo, but you really feel from the bottom of your heart that you want to express that. And so then those components has (sic) to be there and I think that for most part the people that are here feel that... But what makes it difficult? What makes the situation worse? When people come, with a simple innocense, a simple feeling...and then all of a sudden, you know, um..obviously whatever your feeling isn’t being cater to when you try to drive a pole for a tent...and then what that sets in it really gives THE MIND an open door... to get into everything.....and before you know is there all these power struggle going on and everything else going on....the reason for it is very simple, because when you have opened yourself to THAT OTHER THING (moves his arm up twice close to his describe the mind) that has nothing to do why you are (sic) being here, the power struggle...Maybe in this world nobody would ever, you know...listen to me (people laugh) ...but then all of a sudden you find yourself in this.... beautiful innocent environment... where there are other premies (lovers, his followers) that have come to enjoy themselves and tell them, ghee, that tent has to be moved five feet and they do it...and when know it really doesn’t matter what the symptoms are, and what (sic) all happens, it’s pretty bad stuff ....but what is important to know is that happens when that door has been opened....the door to the.... infinite possibilities of SCREW UP...You know, the ideas start flying, the situation has to be rescued, and oh my God, no, this has to be done this way, no, this has to be done this way...I know.... and I’d seen this... too many times for it to be a coincidence. If you ask somebody a even depends how you ask that question. You can tell somebody, you can do this, can you? And they will say no, and you tell them: This can’t be done in this much time, can it? And they’ll say, oh yes it can....A little power struggle, you know? You are not right, that decision has been made...The other person is not right, cannot be right, because if the other person is right then I’m know?...and.... This is... such a... misunderstanding... because if the only way I can be loved is by... everybody else hating and you are the only one that’s loving then that is not really love....and then if you can only be right when everybody else is wrong then that is not being right......Then you are right... as well....The hardest thing to see in that just that, because it happens too quickly, it happens out of a habit...We all love power. ...We do..and that is what I’m saying, you know?...I don’t want to hurt anybody... oh no, I don’t like power. (mimicking another person saying it) We do. That is a bad habit we have, all of us...Whether when we were young and we took, we went over (sic) to the other kid and snatched his balloon... that’s enough... not that we knew what we were going to do with the balloon but take it away from that person so he can’t have it, or she can’t have we do,...and all happens too quickly (in the world of robots) ... And to me...the purpose of doing SERVICE, the purpose of being in the world of Knowledge...the purpose of.... coming....the purpose of.... all of really enjoyment.....and when that is not happening....then I personally failed to see the point...I, I failed to see the point (YOU GOT THAT RIGHT RATWAT) .................So many people have heard the words service is an opportunity....and yet it is hard to look at the middle of the fire situation...and say this is an opportunity....WE shouldn’t be like that....It doesn’t have to be like that.....You can be right.....and the other person can be right too....And it doesn’t take that long.... The faster you try to do something the longer is going to take....because half your effort is not going to completing the task...but half of your effort is going speeding against the time (slave baby, slave!), rasing against the can’t do that....things will happen....things will get done....and one of the biggest disease (sic) I know that people have is "that only takes five minutes to I’ll do that later"...and "that only takes two minutes to do, and I’ll do that later" and "it takes only ten minutes to do that, so I’ll do that later".... pretty soon you have 9 hours worth (sic) of stuff to be done in five minutes....It happens at stages.....("Pissy") No, no we are going to vacuum that at the very end; we’ll put THE chair at the very end; we’ll put the monitors at the very end; we’ll put the microphone at the very.... end before you know you got hours worth (sic) the stuff....and then you hear the dreadful call, HE’s (sic) left the RESIDENCE....(people laugh)...Oh GOD...finish it, finish it, finish it, finish it.....And none of these things has to be like that....and most importantly there has to be THAT enjoyment....of Knowledge....there has to be THAT enjoyment of this life.... You know.....throw it away..... is never gonna come back, never! Time cannot be rebound. Time cannot stopped. Time cannot be accelerated.....You can’t touch time..and is marching, is marching steadily, it moves when you are sleeping. You may be not aware of it but is marching away...and that day when everything has to be ready, is there, is already just coming closer, and closer, and closer, and closer, and closer (a few people laugh) ....And there is not that many days....And one of the things, I guess that is always going to be a case and even that a program is announced.....this year and is going to happen you know, ten years from now.....there is going to be a limit when people can come to do service. They have their obligations. To get it done, to get it done on are going to have to keep this (pointing to the head - implying THE MIND) UNDER CONTROL, because when this (pointing again to his head) runs amuck, everything runs amuck....When this thing goes WILD, everything goes WILD... You came here not for THIS (pointing to the head). You came here for this (points to the chest; in the cult talk, THE HEART). That is what is unusual about it.... You just have to remember it has to come from here.... (HEART).....And trying to be right because other people are wrong is not being right. To prooove other people wrong...Step by step. That’s the only way to put all this puzzle together. It isn’t going to happen in one day. Whatever has to get done, get it done! Don’t put it off! Don’t say well, that only takes five minutes so I’ll do it the worse disease... there is.....You know...You are all grown, you are all gown-ups..... Act like one! Don’t act like little kids that run completely bratty....You don’t have to...have these conflicts....People get into....and there can be no conflict.... there is only generated from one side......When you reach conflicts, then remember...only...50% is yours and 50% is the other person...And is not 51.5, and is not 50.2, is exactly 50%.... It takes tango. It takes two to do this.... (PREM rawat places his hands together, the two fist knocking each other.) And the whole world is full of really is. The other person has to be right, the other person has to be right, the other person has to be really....that... defeats the opportunity of Knowledge, defeats the opportunity....that you have....Because the HEART sings when it’s in THAT environment, when it’s in THAT feeling, when IT feels that....HEART cannot be told, is okay, you are doing SERVICE....HEART won’t go for THAT. MIND can be told, is alright, YOU ARE IN A HOLY PLACE, you are fine, you know...but the HEART... it won’t go for IT... IT has to feel IT, it has to feel that is in THAT place, it has to feel that SERVICE is happening, it has to feel that it’s beautiful.... And don’t, don’t forget the other things, you know, don’t forget Knowledge....don’t forget to PRACTICE....A lot of people will just sacrifice that...well, I’m busy....believe me, pretty soon you won’t be...because you will not be doing anything... (OHHHHHH, dead...) Somebody wrote me a letter and... it had been a long time since they (sic) have come to see me, or practice Knowledge, and then was one of the events, in Europe, and this person came and they (sic) were like, wow, "what happened?...What happened? Where was I? How did I get so lost", you know,... is that thing you don’t even realize it......until is time, something comes, something hits, is like, Oh MY GOD....I was lost...It’s like there was this one airplane that took off from Bermuda and bound to Europe and it totally missed the continent of Europe.....And they were all just happily navigating, flying around, then having coffee, and you know, just having a wonderful time... until it came time... to land, (laughs) and they realized they were nowhere close to where they could land...and finally circled around and called a bunch of people... whatever they could do and..(sic) they figure it out, they were in Greenland. But... they (undecipherable word) flew for hours, ... they (undecipherable word) flew for hours and hours in circles... and ended up in Greenland. That’s bad navigation to say the least....But sometimes is that’s what happens...And you know, I really want all of you to make one effort that when you.... are done with this event that you are not FRIED....That it isn’t like, piewff. (touches his forehead as to convey relief) GOD I’m glad is over! And GOD I’m glad so few (events) happen here..It shouldn’t be like that. So, make an attempt...........and the only way you can do that TRY to be as conscious as you can, try to be as aware... as you can (robotic)........Be concentrated, be focused on what you HAS to do...A lot of people get very scattered, a lot of people have bad habits, they like to start to do a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, a little bit of that and a little bit of that, and then pretty soon they are completely overwhelmed. Then there are the people who have the habit of not saying no. " Yeah, I can do that, oh...okay, I’d take care of it, okay, I’ll do that too, okay I’ll do..." and pretty soon nothing is getting done (all said in a bitchy scorning voice) Very bad! Doesn’t make you a hero at the end of the day you look like a JACK ASS, FROM THE BACK... because the jack ass has two ends, and... one end is better than the other.... if you have to be one...So, is very, very important to just stay focused, do what you have to do.....don’t get into power struggles. Try to be aware. Try to enjoy.... try to enjoy......and let IT be a very beautiful fruitful experience like it should be, like SERVICE should be...not a totally fried out, frazzled, pulling your hair and everything else experience; it doesn’t need to be that. It shouldn’t be that. So, I guess.... you know, I said it... and I realize you will forget will, because that is part of your nature...but take a moment... once in a while and just remember what I’ve yourself, you don’t have to have a meeting (laughs). Now lets share, you know.....It doesn’t need to be like that....Try to understand, try to stay to the point...and, if everything goes right then there is THAT enjoyment. And it perpetuates THAT feeling. That is the purpose, because when there is THAT experience of SERVICE..ssservice, it enhances the experience of Knowledge....and that is the way it should be.....okay? So I hope, you know, that there is an enjoyable experience for you, should be. I mean, to me, I have to do that all the time (being a jackass?)....things go... that are not in your control....things go a certain way, things go a certain way and all in a sudden a hall gets canceled.... and everybody is like "Ahhhhhhhh, all got canceled...." is like, is problem.... (undeciphrable word) You are going to do programs and once in a while they are going to get canceled too! Is like, you know, the toilette; flushes, flushes every time...and one time...don’t if it doesn’t, try again (laughs) he he, and that is what happened Ghana got canceled, but... South Africa got... put on the schedule, so then so far, you know, going places and doing the amount of events (?) it was 100%, but it didn’t happened in Ghana because of some happened in.... South Africa.....Programs have been very beautiful, events have been very beautiful and I have to make sure that I don’t get overly tired (laying down), I have to make sure that everything stays on the tracks. Because I know that when situations just get worse, and worse, and worse is like a cone, it just concentrates. And all the questions start flying, and all the confusion starts flying, and before you know you have no idea....what’s going on... I suppose is like that disaster in Delhi that happened when the two planes crushed.....and then the Indian (undecipherable word) That was hilarious! (really?) The fire (undeciphrable word) got caught on fire, one overturned! (A few laughs are heard) You can just imagine, these guys going crazy probably trying to run, you know, with a bucket of water to put out a douse of fire, but things like that happen..and you have to preserve your SANCTITY, your SANITY, in fact, if you try to preserve THAT, everything else falls into place. .... and don’t ask me how that works, because I don’t know, but from my experience, when THAT feeling is there...everything else takes place....and, you know, 25 years...Australia, coming to Australia, so, have been a lot of years, and that is what I’ve witnessed, again and again and, it should be a beautiful place. Don’t let THIS THING come, don’t let this MIND come and screw everything up! Because IT will...To IT, it wants to be in always want to be in control....and by...the GRACE and KINDNESS of THE MASTER, THE MASTER shows don’t have to be living in a (uncomprehended word) that there is freedom from IT...and that idea is not very nice to this (point to the head/MIND) like, NO! It can’t be, that is not possible!...but it is...So IT comes, IT comes at the moment when it can strike you and do MOST damage, that’s when it comes and that’s when IT strikes, and that is when IT does most (sic) damage....Just remember those things and the most important to enjoy, enjoy what is... being giving, enjoy what the opportunity is....And nobody has to get hurt....nobody has to get hurt...Just takes THAT consciousness....takes that extra second, takes that extra five seconds, put the tools it right! Don’t be, don’t be wacking a sledge hammer and looking the other way (a few laughs) ; put attention to what you are doing...And I think that is more important for you, to know those things, to remember those things than me coming here and talking to you for half an hour know, what a beautiful opportunity this is. I know, you’re already here. Your heart has brought you here. You know what a beautiful opportunity this is. I don’t have to remind you of that. But I do have to remind it right...enjoy this experience. Sometimes, in all know, fancy putting of things (sic), we forget that......And we shouldn’t....Okay? So, take it easy, and... enjoy.


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