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Report on US event(s)

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Fri, Jul 07, 2000 at 03:56:20
From: Lois Lane
Subject: Report on US event(s)
A report:

. A policeman, a security officer, and premie security were outside the ballroom during the session(s).
. Sales tables were unavoidable as I left the ballroom after the K review.
. Some PWKs (people with knowledge, formerly known as premies) did all-night service. They were given priority for getting in the hall (it was too small).
. Had to stand in line for awhile to register.
. I had to wear a plastic braclet all night to get in the next day. It was brightly colored with shiny Knowledge insignias on it. The next day, I went to a room where another plastic braclet of a different color was put around my wrist.
. When registering, before leaving the room I was asked if I wanted to apply for a SmartCard. The cost (suggested) was $30.00. They take a picture, and there are forms to fill out. The processing takes a few weeks. Also was given a form so Elan Vital can reach me, and a gift certificate good for $5 off a purchase of $15 or more. Limit one per customer.
. During the registration process, many of the ushers had walkie-talkies with speakers that go into the ear. Saw someone later holding some papers looking very important.

The program started with a video called 'Little Drops of Mercy'.
I believe it was his wife that was narating.

Some things that 'Maharaji' said:

'Don't judge me and I won't judge you.'
Recounted going to Amar's school because he was crying. Amar is his youngest child. He gave the teacher a look that meant 'What are you doing to my child?' He basically described her as being 'in her mind' because she said 'Hi, I'm Amar's mother.' instead of 'Hi, I'm Amar's teacher.' He didn't actually say 'in her mind' but that's the old way of saying it.
He talked about the 'mind'. He once briefly stated that he means uncontrolled thoughts. He said that the 'mind' gets into fear and guilt.
Condensed version of his driving a car analogy:
While driving a car, if you pay too much attention to switching the radio's channels, you'll go off the road and hit a tree, or you might be on a bridge and go off the bridge (and drown?). Your excuse might be 'But I didn't know.'
He went to a driving instructor, who basically said to stay aware, pay attention, and he (the driving instructor) gets paid for saying this.
Somewhat paraphrased and condensed, I don't remember the exact wording:
He talked about the difference between California time and east coast time, that the mind said 'You can't go to sleep now.' and 'But I have to get up in the morning'. (for the program?) Then he said 'I'm not saying this happened to me! But I've seen the logic of the mind at work.'

Knowledge review (via DVD video):
'Maharaji' left the ballroom during the K review.
The video started with some new-agey type music and graphics, etc. He talked for a while, including going over the three promises you are supposed to make, give K a fair chance, 'keep in touch' and not to tell anyone these techniques as 'They are not yours to give.' and 'Let the Master determine who is ready.' No mention of him having 'Grace'.
For each technique, he described the technique, then the video stoped at a still frame of him doing the technique for the remainder of the technique. During the video he seemed to have a 'giving permission' and commanding tone and wording, like 'You may put down your hands now' and 'You may now open your eyes'.
During the description of the breath technique, he said to imagine the breath as a swing. As you inhale, the swing rises, as you exhale, the swing lowers. Follow (or focus on?) the breath, don't try to control it, let it take you inside. He did not say to imagine 'the Master' swinging you on a swing, as one premie apparently told an ex that he did. He also said 'Focus here' and pointed to his chest. Now he says your hands can either be folded on your lap, placed on your knees palms down, or on your knees in that yoga position where your thumb and forefinger touch.
The descriptions of the other techniques were pretty much unchanged from the new versions of the techniques.

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