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June 2000 - September 2001: New articles in the 'Psychology' section, details on the Shri Nangli Sahib group (also claiming descent from the gurus Swarupanand and Dayal Ji), and new chapters of the Paramhansa Advait Mat book online.

May 2000
: The website's content is moved from JM Kahn's website to, and becomes a part of the latest.

April 2000
: Reproduction of one of the oldest DLM publications available today:
'Antidote to Nuclear War'. Alta Loma Terrace satsang where Prempal Rawat clears every preconceived ideas about who Satguru actually is.

March 2000
: Lots of new documents and chapters in the new
Elan Vital Today section.

February 2000
: New section
Elan Vital Today, to understand what premies are involved in nowadays. New Links page on Meditation, Mysticism, Religion, Psychology of Spiritual Movements.

January 2000
On Mysticism and Religion Erich Fromm's humanistic view - The danger of the anthropomorphisation and idolization of the concept of God. The Kirpal Statistic You don't need to go to an Indian guru to see, hear and feel something inside, by Prof. D. Lane.

December 1999
World Rejection-World Affirmation and Goal Displacement. Another light on changes in DLM/EV. How People Recognize Charisma. The experience of knowledge: ecstatic merging of a separate sense of self with the Absolute. The Last Degree of Separation: What is the true cost of M's teachings? The Dark Side of Enlightenment Sadomasochistic Aspects of the Quest for Perfection, by Daniel Shaw C.S.W. Traumatic Abuse in Cults An Exploration of an Unfamiliar Social Problem, by Daniel Shaw, C.S.W.

September - October - November 1999:
Elan Vital is Divine Light Mission, copy of official documents. Maharaji in India - Recent Satsangs. Shri Hans' Letters to JFK & B Russell. Lots of updates in bibliography, quotes and various documents. Lots of updates on the French side, including download.

August 1999
Recent Satsang in India, Maharaji's teachings really have not changed since the 1970’s. Some new links, and bibliography entries. The new forum dedicated to Prempal Rawat's teachings, and a search engine dedicated to the Elan Vital-DLM Papers website.

July 1999
Soul Rush excerpts. An Indian Perspective : Maharaji - EV/DLM's status in respect to Hinduism. Some new Quotes, and references in Bibliography. Some articles now available for Download.

June 1999
Download Page. New entries in the bibliography page. New devotional songs page. Full Alphabetical Index available on the Indian Background Page.

May 1999
: The last 4 chapters of
Satgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj now online. 'The Living Master' also fully online, and quite some new entries in the bibliography page.

April 1999
Quotes from 'The Guru Papers', some reader's comments on the same book, and quotes from S. Collier's book 'Soul Rush' linked to the Bibliography page. Bibliography's been updated with some excerpts from 'Zen Flesh, Zen Bones' where the meditation's techniques are also explained. Three more chapters from the old book 'Satgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj' published by DLM/EV in the late 60s now online! 'As I Saw Maharaji', 'Shri Hans Ji Maharaj - A Divine Personality' and 'Shri Maharaj Ji on the Gita' now online. New bibliography's reference: Worshiping the Absurd : 'The Negation of Social Causality among the Followers of Guru Maharaj Ji.' Article by Foss and Larkin in Sociological Analysis, 1978 with excerpts online.

March 1999: The site is moved from Geocities to a new server, and doesn't show all these banners anymore. More pictures in my Private Gallery. New bibliography and Indian quotes on the meditation techniques.

February 1999: Documents on the meditation techniques. Bibliography on DLM, EV, gurus, cults etc

January 1999
: New documents on Sikhism and EV's origins, JM's picture and invitation for tea! As well as his 'journey' with m&k.

November 1998
: New Links on the links' page. News quotes, including the famous 'Mechanics of Liberation' question & answer.

October 1998: Introduction to the connection between Sikhism & Elan Vital (tough issue for those who are not familiar with the numerous Indian cults), new issues of 'Divine Light' on-line magazine - each member of the family now has his own, Mahatmas' satsangs, everything about the Ashrams of the 70s & early 80s.

August - September, 1998: Lots of new materials. Pictures, the Photo Gallery, Arti, the old days' Knowledge sessions, lots of new quotes and Indian Stories, and the first issues of 'Divine Light' on-line magazine about the ex-'holy family'.

July 21, 1998: Ex-premies & premies comments over M's Indian lineage, and over the Quotes and Claims pages, with some fun online. News page online. New links related to Satpal on the Links page.

July 9, 1998:
Indian Roots pages updated and indexed. Quotes & Claims pages online, first part.

July 1st, 1998: The Website is online. Indian Background/Roots pages only.

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