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More Pictures of Prempal Rawat

Photo Gallery
of some present and past Satgurus

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Sant Kabir

Composite photograph of
all the gurus
in the Dayal Bagh
lineage of Radhasoami

Baba Sawan Singh Ji

Sant Ajaib Singh Ji


Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj

Sant Kirpal Singh Ji

Sant Rajinder Singh

Sant Thakar Singh

Rare photograph of Agam Prasad Mathur, present guru at Peepal Mandi, Agra (and the great grandson of Rai Salig Ram), holding a copy of one of the earliest editions of Shiv Dayal Singh's Sar Bachan.


Shri Hansji Maharaj
and his wife Mataji

Shri Hansji Maharaj

Prempal Singh Rawat
and his wife Marolyn

Prempal Rawat's family

Shri Rajaji Maharaj
and his ex-wife Claudia
(Prempal's elder brother)

Shri Bholay Ji Maharaj
(Satpalji's youngest brother)

Shri Satpalji Maharaj
and his wife Amrita

Prempal & Satpal Rawat
Colorado, August 1972

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More Pictures of Prempal Rawat