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Challenger Sponsorship Campaign



November 1990


October 19, 1990 marked an important milestone in Maharaji's work with the acquisition of the Challenger 601. Maharaji is clearly delighted with the quality and capabilities of the aircraft, as well as with the depth of support from ail those around the world who contributed towards it. After flying the Challenger to Los Angeles from the closing, he said the best way to celebrate the occasion was to begin immediately to use it for its intended purpose. Since then he has made surprise visits at local events in North America, and confirmed a seven city tour of India for the first weeks in November as well as the three-day event in Rome in early December.

The successful acquisition of the Challenger doss not signal the completion of a project, but rather a continuing opportunity for all those who wish to support Maharaji's work. Specific to the Challenger Project, there are two remaining priorities. One is to pay off the private loans that made it possible to acquire the aircraft without a bank loan. The other is to keep the aircraft maintained and flying by providing monthly support through Sponsorship contributions.

In round figures, the Challenger was purchased with over $4.5 million in contributions from around the world, and about $3.2 million in loans. Of these loans, nearly $2 million came in the form of short-term loans, which must be repaid in the next 30-120 days. Maharaji has bean very clear that these loans must be treated no less seriously than a bank loan. Every pledge and contribution towards the retirement of these loans is as important as the original contributions towards the purchase of the aircraft.

Regarding the necessary support for aircraft operations, the purchase of the Challenger represents the beginning of the 1991 Sponsorship Campaign, since projected operating expenses increased immediately upon taking possession of the aircraft. Everyone wanting to be a part of the ongoing support of the aircraft is therefore requested to make their 1991 Sponsorship pledge immediately, and if possible, to mail their first contribution along with a completed pledge envelope. The importance of these sponsorship pledges cannot be overstated, as the purchase of the aircraft means little without the regular support to operate and maintain It. Your monthly support will also make it possible to properly service the long-term debt until it can be retired.

The global response to the Challenger acquisition has been magnificent. It has been heartfelt, widespread, and timely. In less than one month, nearly $8 million in contributions and loans were received from around the world. More than 2700 people in the United States and Canada contributed $2.2 million in gifts and $2 million in loans, This more than doubles the amount raised for the acquisition and improvements to the Lear 55 over the past five years. And the unprecedented speed with which funds were contributed not only made it possible to acquire the best Challenger available, but to do so at a very favorable price.

This letter brings sincere and heartfelt thanks to ail who made the Challenger acquisition possible. It is also an urgent request to return the enclosed pledge envelope as soon as possible, indicating your commitments both for sponsorship support and for the retirement of the Challenger loans. Just prior to the Rome event, at an international Organizers Conference in that city, North America must announce to Maharaji and the other countries how much can be counted on from us in 1991. Your response is the only basis this year for declaring that support. We will keep you informed with periodic updates on the progress of both the Sponsorship contributions and the Challenger loan retirement.

With appreciation again for your interest, we look forward to hearing from you.

Most Sincerely,

William N. Wishard - President, Elan Vital
W. Tim Gallwey, California
David H. Coyne, Connecticut

For the Challenger Project -1991 Sponsorship Campaign

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