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New! DLM/EV Videos and the Gallery publications now hosted on this site!

An anthology of Prem Rawat Videos from 1973 to the present.
The EV/DLM Gallery previously hosted at forum8.org now hosted here..

Rawat's quotes from 'The Living Master' official publication.

Many of Rawat's quotes deemed significant enough by Divine Light Mission to merit being collected in this 1978 Publication.

How Rawat's Speaking Engagements are organised

One of Prem Rawat's speaking engagements requires months, or possibly years, of time and effort from his followers, and costs a small fortune. Read about it here.

Original Transcripts of Confidential 'Trainings' given by Prem Rawat!

Unedited transcripts of Maharaji's comments have been made available to this site.
Miami Training June 28th 1999 - Day 1: "Don't piss me off. You won't like it."
Miami Training June 29th 1999 - Day 2: "No Dark Thoughts"
Miami Training June 30th 1999 - Day 3: "You have a leader: M is your Leader !"
Miami Training July 1st 1999 - Day 4: "On the Malibu staff, I have everyone's resignation."
Miami Training July 2nd 1999 - Day 5: "Ex-premie site - people tell me we should do something."
Arundel Training July 23rd 1999 - Day 1: "Premie shit. That's mild. I have to live with it every day."
Arundel Training July 24th 1999 - Day 2: "You guys are a bunch of disgusting assholes."
Arundel Training July 25th 1999 - Day 3: "Everything is confidential. ..... This is a safe environment. "
Arundel Training July 26th 1999 - Day 4: "I've never seen a group of people that hate each other so much."
Arundel Training July 27th 1999 - Day 5: "I guess farts are precursors to shit."
Arundel Training July 28th 1999 - Day 6: "It's like two males trying to copulate and have a baby."

New sites with original magazine scans, audio, and video of Maharaji!

It has become apparent that in spite of the many original quotes from Maharaji on this website, and in spite of Elan Vital claiming copyright on the quotes (and hence authenticating them), there are still people who do not believe they are genuine. To help these people, two new sites are now available. Forum 8 Gallery is a collection of unaltered scans of original Divine Light Mission/Elan Vital publications, and gurumaharaji.info includes audio recordings and video extracts of Maharaji's speeches. We really aren't making this up!

Journalist gagged and persecuted by Elan Vital

John Macgregor, who has contributed several articles to this site, and has written articles about Maharaji in the Australian press, is currently the victim of vindictive legal action by IRCC (owned by Elan Vital Inc., Australia) in relation to some IRCC documents that were leaked to him by Tom Gubler. During this action he was subject to an unprecedented 'gag order' for 18 weeks during which time he was unable to discuss his case. Legal action is ongoing, but in the meantime, his story up until 2nd March 2004 can be read in his press release. Also, Tom Gubler, who took the files, has put up this website telling his side of the story.

Now Online - Mike Finch's website

Mike Finch, who was one of the first western followers of Maharaji, and had been loyal to Maharaji for over 30 years, has now written of his experiences with Maharaji on his own website. This includes his open letter to Maharaji.

Protest and Press Coverage in Bristol

While a reporter from the Bristol Evening News listened to Rawat inside the hall, outside ex-premie Karen Ringrose tried to alert attendees to the truth about Prem Rawat. Read the press coverage here.


Elan Vital tried to censor this site by claiming that quotes from publications ordered destroyed 20 years ago infringed their copyright. Read the full story here!


Do you love Maharaji? Want to see more of him? Are you willing to pay? No problem! - just make sure Elan Vital knows you can afford it, and get an invite to a Major Donors Conference!


During the September, 2002, event at Amaroo, Australia, someone expressed concern about the abuse that was inflicted on Maharaji on the Internet. This is an extract from Maharaji's response (read here for the full quote and further commentary):-
"If you find a candle you are also going to find some matchsticks around it that did not quite light. The generosity of the master is at fault here. Some people should not have received Knowledge, they came for something else."
"But the worst part of it is that it is not true. It takes passion to see the truth, because if you want to see the truth, you have to open your eyes…"
He explained that answering such untrue criticism on the Internet would only reflect badly on him.
The matchsticks that didn't quite light include people that Maharaji himself placed in the highest positions in his organisation, people who saw first hand how he lived, people who followed his teachings for over 25 years, people who tried to dedicate their lives to him in his ashrams, people who loved him and trusted him. They tell here how Maharaji betrayed that trust.
The stories here are not lies, they are true. Maharaji's unwillingness to answer his critics reflects very badly on him.


During the weekend before the September 2002 event at Amaroo, this article on Maharaji appeared in the Australian press. For those who have already read the article, this copy includes links to the relevant sections on this site. Also, outside the gates of Amaroo, Neville Ackland repeated his April protest. Read about it in Neville's own words.

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