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This web site is intended to serve as a general information resource for anyone interested in finding out what has become of Maharaji (Divine Light Mission, Elan Vital, Self-Knowledge, Knowledge, The Prem Rawat Foundation, etc), and also as a point of reference for former premies, current premies, aspirants, and their families.
More than 750 pages of documents (in English) and 470 pictures (+ over 40 Mb of compressed forum's archives).

Introduction - Why this site is here

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions and their answers

Glossary - Definitions of the terms used by Maharaji and his devotees

Site History - A bit of information about this site and its previous Forums

Elan Vital / Divine Light Mission Papers - An excellent collection of information regarding the history and inner workings of Maharaji's organizations

Search Ex-Premie.org - Search the over 1000 pages on the site


Of Maharaji, Divine Light Mission and Elan Vital

Journey to the East - The Indian Heritage

The Indian Roots - The actual place of Maharaji's movement among Indian religious groups

Shri Hans Ji Maharaj - Maharaji's Satguru

Prem Rawat's Movement

Early Years - DLM founded, Maharaji becomes Satguru

1971 - Maharaji's first western tour

1972 - The dawning of the Millennium

1973 - The Millennium festival

1974 - Maharaji married, the "Holy Family" breaks up

1975 - 1976 - Maharaji plays Krishna, then "Humanitarian Leader"

1977 - Rededication: The Devotional Period

1977 - 1978 - The demand for devotion continues

1979 - 1980 - The Plane Project and the move to Florida

1980 - 1983 - The closing of the Ashrams

After 1983 - Disbanding DLM, and the emergence of Elan Vital

The Family

Maharaji's Family Lila - The Holy Crisis, and the schism

Sibling Rivalry - Oldest brother Satpal has his own cult

Satpal in England - UK Mole's review of Maharaji's brother's cult

Rawatism's Amazing Offspring - The Nigerian 'One Love Family' & John Yarr's 'Lifewave'


Silencing the doubtmaker

The Aspirant Process - the step by step process to devotion

Step 1: Introductory Video - Showing the Trinket

Step 2: Follow-up Meetings - Creating Desire

Step 3: Commitment and Gratitude - Introducing the Jar

Step 4: Selection for Knowledge - Playing Hard-To-Get

Step 5: The Knowledge Session - The Big Day

They've been through it - and didn't like it

Second Thoughts: An Aspirant Escapes - Avoiding the Jar

Free Knowledge: The Rejected Aspirant - Turned down for Knowledge

An Aspirant Asks Good Questions - No Answer

Instructors - guiding the process

Becoming an Initiator - Moving from devotee to Instructor

Instructor Application Survey - Want to be an Instructor? Take the test

The Instructor's Manual - Maharaji spells it out

Interview with an Ex-Instructor - Mr. Ex spells it out

Videos - Holding the grip on the disciples

Videos: Selective Information - Maharaji shows his openness

Videos: Monkey Read, Monkey Say - Video event must-reads

Videos: A Review - Our critic gives it Two Thumbs Down

Devotees' Attitude re Maharaji's Critics - Food for thoughts

Maharaji asked for life-long dedication - but can't be held responsible. Really?

Maharaji's critics are "fllter-impaired"! - The other side of the story


Our testimonies of the changes we've gone through

Journeys - Our own individual experiences

Journeys Entry - Submit or update your Journeys entry

White Pages - A listing of ex-premies with their email addresses

White Pages Entry - Submit or update your White Pages entry (ex's only)

Forums - On-going discussions about Maharaji and Knowledge

Forum Archives - Archives from Forums I - IV, V, VI & VII

Best of the Forum - Excerpts from the Forum's archives

Newsgroup Help - Information regarding the alt.cult.maharaji newsgroup

Setting History Straight - One of the 1st premies-mahatma's version

Bob Mishler Interview - Transcript of a radio interview with former DLM President

Bob Mishler Telephone Interview - Transcript of telephone interview with B. Mishler

M. Dettmers Posts on the Forum - Former Maharaji's assistant & personal manager speaks out. Why he left, what he thinks

After 30 years as an EV Organiser - John Macgregor speaks out

The Jagdeo Issue - The cult Protects a Paedophile

Murder Attempt in Detroit - perpatrated on reporter Pat Halley, after the 'pie incident'

Breaking Free

Untie the Knowledge knots.

The Cult Issue: is EV a cult and M its leader?

Self Quiz - Are you "UNDER THE INFLUENCE" of a destructive group or belief system?

The Rational Enquirer's - Cult checklist

Cult Test - Identifying Traits of Abusive Groups

The 14 Objections Letter - An open letter to Prempal Rawat's Followers

Is Maharaji the Leader of a Cult? - An upsetting question for M's devotees

Most people who came to Knowledge left

Questioning Devotion - Maharaji not needed to live

Helpline - Recommended reading and links to offsite help

The case of Elan Vital & Maharaji is not unique

PsyPage - Documents, abstracts and helpful references

Bibliograpy & Suggested Reading

Links - A collection of links to other related websites

Elan Vital's Archives

What you won't get in Elan Vital's 'Press Kit' !

Maharaji Himself

Prempal Rawat's Childhood - One of the first chapters of the legend

Divine Light Vol 2, Issue 2 - Maharaji's Early Days' Satsangs

Maharaji's Most Famous Quotes - What he said, and dares not say anymore!

Selected Indian Tales & Stories - to attain wisdom

The Living Master - The Digest of M's Teaching, published by DLM in 1978

Sing Arti at the Lotus Feet - THE Official Prayer and devotional song

Devotional Songs - Premies express their devotion to Maharaji

Maharaji's Letters - To the premies

Recent Satsang in India - M has not changed the presentation of "knowledge" in India

Maharaji Giving Darshan - Very private ceremony, no pictures usually available.

The Dead Seed Scrolls - A glimpse at Prem Rawat's most mysterious teachings

Maharaji's Family

The Holy Family online Magazine - Shri Maharaji, Mata Ji, Bal Bhagwan Ji, Raja Ji & Bhole Ji's most typical satsangs

Nuts & Bolts

Divine Light Vol 2, Issue 3 - Maharaji's Mahatmas' Satsang

The Meditation Techniques of 'Knowledge' - Can anyone claim he owns them?

Attend a Knowledge Session - The Initiation, as it used to be in the 70's & early 80's

The DLM Ashram - The Renunciate Order of DLM & its Code

"Peace Bomb" Satsang - Maharaji's 1970 appeal for unity within DLM

"Who Is Guru Maharaj Ji?" - When the Lord was walking the Earth (1973-74)

The Woodside Avenue Residence - Prem Rawat's former 'residence' in London, UK

Elan Vital Today

Maharaji today - General overview of the man's life

Elan Vital actually is Divine Light Mission - Here is the official documents (USA)

Have an Idea - of what premies are involved in nowadays, EV's policies and activities

Elan Vital's Questionable Status - Church ? Charity ? (USA)

EV UK Charitable Settlement - Does EV actually pursue charitable purposes ?

EV/DLM's Constitution in Oz - Still promoting the Knowledge of M, Supreme Creator of the Universe

Open Letter to Dr. Ron Geaves - re Elan Vital & Maharaji's revisionism

EV PR report - on EPO and the Forum, and the damage this might do to M's work

EV Copyright Complaint against EPO - How EV tried to silence this website in April 2003

Knowledge is Free

But some very costly tools are necessary to 'propagate'.

Maharaji's Personal Finances - Where it comes from, where it goes

Who Owns What Around Maharaji - The Jet, the Residences, the Yacht etc

The Malibu Residence - Views and Blueprints of Prem Rawat's Malibu Mansion

The Donations' Flow - How Maharaji's costly toys are funded

Major Donors Conference - Darshan For Sale - More affluent supporters of Maharaji pay for the hard sell treatment, but do get Darshan!

Myrine Investments - Is this one way Maharaji receives income from EV ?

Press & Media

Media Relations - Elan Vital's guidelines for handling the press

Public Relation - Elan Vital's PR guidelines

In spite of Elan Vital/DLM & Prem Rawat's attempts to avoid the press and silence critics, dozens of articles appeared since the early days of the 'mission'. We've gathered here a collection of them.

Best of the Press - Best researched articles about Rawat, with copies of the original articles

Other Articles

A World-Wide Web

Maharaji controls the Internet

Elan Vital & Maharaji's attacks - Against ex-followers & their websites

The Saga - How Maharaji tried to Silence Opposition on World Wide Web

The CAC Attack - The cult's criminal attacks on ex-premies

Elan Vital's Copyright Complaints -against www.ex-premie.org

www.premie.com - Renegade premie devotion

Calling All Premies - Maharaji pressures www.premie.com offline

Devotion Is All - Now back online, and setting new standards for devotion

www.enjoyinglife.org - Maharaji's newest Official Standard Bearer

The Character of Their Content - Bearing his Standards

Enjoyinglife Exposed - Baring his Standards

The Evidence (1) - "Andy O'Dwyer"

The Evidence (2) - "David Goldberg"

The Evidence (3) - "Carl 'Bongo' Beringer"

The Evidence (4) - "Don Matthews"

The Evidence (5) - "Diane Tully"

The Evidence (6), (7), (8) - "Gordon, Danny, & Amanda"

The Evidence (9) - "Willi Kranz"

The Evidence (10) - "Farus Dampier"

Actual Submission Guidelines - Meeting his Standards

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