People Weekly Magazine Article - July 1, 1974

The famous American Celebrity magazine ...

Last page of PEOPLE WEEKLY MAGAZINE , JULY 1, 1974.

The rich are the real sufferers.

Poor Little Rich Boy.

When called to account for the Sybaritic accouterments of the 16-year-old "Perfect Master" Maharaji - the Maseratis, cabin cruisers, jet-flying lessons and $ 400,000 home - a spokesman offered the following: "The Perfect Master life-style is in keeping with this era of science and technology. The world is rich so he must live rich. The rich are the real sufferers and the poors' sufferings are often exaggerated. The guru receiving presents from his devotees is no more different than Christ, the poor son of a carpenter, receiving the three wise men's offerings of frankincense, gold and myrrh".

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