The Nuts & Bolts of the Cult

Because he keeps a low profile and exercises strong control over what information is available to the general public, Maharaji is a hard man to track. The content on these pages has been contributed by those of us who use and benefit from the site.


Of Maharaji, Divine Light Mission and Elan Vital

Journey to the East - The Indian Heritage

The Indian Roots - The actual place of Maharaji's movement among Indian religious groups

Shri Hans Ji Maharaj - Maharaji's Satguru

Prem Rawat's Movement

Early Years - DLM founded, Maharaji becomes Satguru

1971 - Maharaji's first western tour

1972 - The dawning of the Millennium

1973 - The Millennium festival

1974 - Maharaji married, the "Holy Family" breaks up

1975 - 1976 - Maharaji plays Krishna, then "Humanitarian Leader"

1977 - Rededication: The Devotional Period

1977 - 1978 - The demand for devotion continues

1979 - 1980 - The Plane Project and the move to Florida

1980 - 1983 - The closing of the Ashrams

After 1983 - Disbanding DLM, and the emergence of Elan Vital

The Family

Maharaji's Family Lila - The Holy Crisis, and the schism

Sibling Rivalry - Oldest brother Satpal has his own cult

Satpal in England - UK Mole's review of Maharaji's brother's cult


Silencing the doubtmaker

The Aspirant Process - the step by step process to devotion

Step 1: Introductory Video - Showing the Trinket

Step 2: Follow-up Meetings - Creating Desire

Step 3: Commitment and Gratitude - Introducing the Jar

Step 4: Selection for Knowledge - Playing Hard-To-Get

Step 5: The Knowledge Session - The Big Day

They've been through it - and didn't like it

Second Thoughts: An Aspirant Escapes - Avoiding the Jar

Free Knowledge: The Rejected Aspirant - Turned down for Knowledge

An Aspirant Asks Good Questions - No Answer

Instructors - guiding the process

Becoming an Initiator - Moving from devotee to Instructor

Instructor Application Survey - Want to be an Instructor? Take the test

The Instructor's Manual - Maharaji spells it out

Interview with an Ex-Instructor - Mr. Ex spells it out

Videos - Holding the grip on the disciples

Videos: Selective Information - Maharaji shows his openness

Videos: Monkey Read, Monkey Say - Video event must-reads

Videos: A Review - Our critic gives it Two Thumbs Down

Breaking Free

Untie the Knowledge knots.

Self Quiz - Are you "UNDER THE INFLUENCE" of a destructive group or belief system?

Most people who came to Knowledge left

Questioning Devotion - Maharaji not needed to live.

Helpline - Recommended reading and links to offsite help.

The case of Elan Vital & Maharaji is not unique

PsyPage - Documents, abstracts and helpful references

Bibliograpy & Suggested Reading

Links - A collection of links to other related websites

Elan Vital's Archives

What you won't get in Elan Vital's 'Press Kit' !

Maharaji Himself

Prempal Rawat's Childhood - One of the first chapters of the legend

Divine Light Vol 2, Issue 2 - Maharaji's Early Days' Satsangs

Maharaji's Most Famous Quotes - What he said, and dares not say anymore!

Selected Indian Tales & Stories - to attain wisdom

The Living Master - The Digest of M's Teaching, published by DLM in 1978

Sing Arti at the Lotus Feet - THE Official Prayer and devotional song

Devotional Songs - Premies express their devotion to Maharaji

Maharaji's Letters - To the premies

Recent Satsang in India - M has not changed the presentation of "knowledge" in India

Maharaji Giving Darshan - Very private ceremony, no pictures usually available.

Maharaji's Family

The Holy Family online Magazine - Shri Maharaji, Mata Ji, Bal Bhagwan Ji, Raja Ji & Bhole Ji's most typical satsangs

Nuts & Bolts

Divine Light Vol 2, Issue 3 - Maharaji's Mahatmas' Satsang

The Meditation Techniques of 'Knowledge' - Can anyone claim he owns them?

Attend a Knowledge Session - The Initiation, as it used to be in the 70's & early 80's

The DLM Ashram - The Renunciate Order of DLM & its Code

"Peace Bomb" Satsang - Maharaji's 1970 appeal for unity within DLM

Elan Vital Today

Check also EV Today

Today - Maharaji's organization today

Elan Vital actually is Divine Light Mission - Here is the official documents

Have an Idea - of what premies are involved in nowadays, EV's policies and activities

Knowledge is Free

But some very costly tools are necessary to 'propagate'.

Maharaji's Personal Finances - Where it comes from, where it goes

Who Owns What Around Maharaji - The G4, the Residences, the Yacht etc

Malibu Residence - Blueprints of Maharaji's Malibu Mansion

Press & Media

Check also Press & Media

Media Relations - Elan Vital's guidelines for handling the press

The Kanguru Hop - Fall 1997 hoedown in Amaroo, Australia

Washington Post's Articles - DLM ex-members' testimonies in US courts

Lord Of The Universe Video - Film documentary on Maharaji's cult

Mr. Natural Meets The Kid - R. Crumb's 6-page comical look at Maharaji

I See the Light - A journalist gets his skull cracked open by M's mahatma

Guru - Rock & Roll Magazine Article - 1973

A World-Wide Web

Maharaji controls the Internet

Elan Vital & Maharaji's attacks - Against ex-followers websites

The Saga - How Maharaji tried to Silence Opposition on World Wide Web - Renegade premie devotion

Calling All Premies - Maharaji pressures offline

Devotion Is All - Now back online, and setting new standards for devotion - Maharaji's newest Official Standard Bearer

The Character of Their Content - Bearing his Standards

Enjoyinglife Exposed - Baring his Standards

The Evidence (1) - "Andy O'Dwyer"

The Evidence (2) - "David Goldberg"

The Evidence (3) - "Carl 'Bongo' Beringer"

The Evidence (4) - "Don Matthews"

The Evidence (5) - "Diane Tully"

The Evidence (6), (7), (8) - "Gordon, Danny, & Amanda"

The Evidence (9) - "Willi Kranz"

The Evidence (10) - "Farus Dampier"

Actual Submission Guidelines - Meeting his Standards

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