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Two victims of Jagdeo, 'A' and Susan, have come forward and given accounts of his crimes. There are also other disturbing reports from victims who wish to remain anonymous.

In the 1970s, cult schools were opened, in England and the USA. 'A' and her family were part of Unity School UK. After the school closed, in 1975, the cult retained the property, an old Manor House in Cornwall.

During this period Mahatma Jagdeo visited the house and, under the pretence of teaching 'A' to meditate, raped her. Over twenty years later, her father, who had already reported the incident to another cult official, Mahatama Gurucharanand, told Anthony Ginn, a former teacher at Unity School about the incident.

Anthony subsequently got in touch with 'A', and then reported Jagdeo to the police in Cornwall, where the crime took place. He also corresponded with the cult about the incident and posts on the forum as AJW.

Around the same time 'A'’s story came to light, a second incident of abuse was reported from California, by another vicim, Susan Haupt.

Susan is an ex premie who currently lives in California, USA. She was a premie from 1975 (at age 13) and began the process of exiting the cult when she was 17 years old. When she was 15 years old she had a disturbing encounter with Mahatma Jagdeo. The details of what happened to Susan and her subsequent reporting of Jagdeo to DLM and EV officials are described below. Susan became aware from another victim in 1977 that Jagdeo had molested several girls in the Miami community between the ages of 8-12. She did not only report the incident that happened to her, but the even more serious molestation that had happened to the children of premies in the Miami community.

Susan’s story is published here, along with her correspondance with the cult.


'A's Story
Susan's Letter
An Ex Unity School Teacher reports

'A's Story

Forum post from AJW

I received this post from 'A' today.

I'm forwarding a copy of it to the Police investigating Jagdeo.


Webmaster's note:-

'A's story appeared here until May 2002. At that time, she requested that personal details of her story be removed from the site. Although she never confirmed it, the webmaster of this site believes this was a condition of a settlement she had reached with Elan Vital. It is also believed that another condition was the publication on Elan Vital's website of an invitation to other victims to come forward. This invitation ( is so well hidden on their site, it is unlikely that any victim of Jagdeo would ever find it,

The events 'A' described took place at Wringford Manor when she was seven. She describes Jagdeo sexually abusing a room full of children, and then asking all the other children to leave. Then behind a locked door, he raped 'A'. This was repeated on several occasions. 'A' described her feelings of horror, and the way she felt her body no longer belonged to her. She made one attempt through a third party to tell her mother, but she did not have the language, and her mother didn't understand. Jagdeo was, after all, a Holy man.

Years later she told her father who was horrified. He told other premies, including Gurucharnanand, one of the most senior people working for Maharaji. Nothing was done to stop Jagdeo touring. 'A's father later renounced Maharaji.

Susan's Letter to Prempal Rawat

You may read the "Correspondence with Rawat" page to understand in which circumstances the following letter was sent to Mr Rawat)

(The original letter has been edited to respect the privacy of another victim)

July 19, 2000

Dear Mr. Rawat,

My name is Susan Haupt. I am the person known as “Susan” who has made public on the ”Ex-premie Website” my experience with Jagdeo when I was a teenager.

I am writing to you now in response to claims made on your Élan Vital website in a new section called FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). In response to the question “Has Élan Vital covered up alleged past improper behavior?” you state that “We are aware that some opposing sites make allegations in particular against one individual concerning events alleged to have happened 25 years ago. This kind of behavior, if true, is completely unacceptable to Élan Vital and we would be as appalled as anyone if this was found to be true. The only information we have comes from postings on these sites. We were able to contact two individuals who made these allegations and asked that they help shed light on what happened but as yet have received no cooperation from them. As it stands Élan Vital has still received no direct information from any of the alleged victims and to date no complaint has been filed with Élan Vital or with any authorities”.

Mr. Rawat let me assure you that twice in the past I have reported what had happened to me and what I knew about Jagdeo. First to Randy Prouty and secondly to Judy Osborne who both allegedly now claim “no recollection” of the conversations I had with them. So naturally, I feel insulted that you think I am unwilling to come forward with a complaint, nor do I have any trust that Élan Vital really wishes to seriously investigate this matter. However, I still have deep concern that Jagdeo may still be molesting children, despite his advanced age, and if reporting this matter a third time might allow you to finally stop him, I shall do so.

Although I am now 38 and happily married with three children, in 1977, I was a 15-year-old premie living in Miami. I had been very involved with the Divine Light Mission for the previous two years and had received knowledge from Mahatma Jagdeo in January 1975. I was very sincere in my commitment to “Guru Maharaj Ji” and when I sang arti I believed every word. I also lined up with the other premies to receive darshan. I believed I was a part of the greatest miracle of the perfect master incarnating on earth to bring Knowledge and peace to mankind.
I point this out now because, had I not believed these things, I might have dealt with what I knew about Jagdeo differently. How I dealt with what did happen is something I regret tremendously. To understand what happened, and how it happened, one really has to recall the common premie beliefs of that time. These were beliefs that you were obviously well aware of and promoted. I went to satsang nearly every night, meditated morning and night, and attended every festival I could. I believed you were the perfect master, superior power in person, my Lord, my satguru. I believed you to be a benevolent, kind, messiah-like figure.

So in 1977, I was 15, when Jagdeo returned to Miami, I was thrilled because, as my initiator, he was special to me. He also seemed to have a special fondness for children. At my knowledge selection and session, several young girls with flowers in their hair sat at his feet. At this time in DLM, Mahatmas were treated with great respect, and certainly it was an honor for these girls to sit facing the crowd, at Mahatma Ji’s feet. Everyone knew he seemed to love children. In 1977, he invited me, then 15, and another (edited for privacy) to the Venetian pool in Coral Gables. I felt honored. An ashram premie brother drove us there (I do not remember his name). While we were in the pool, Jagdeo rubbed up against me over and over. He did this especially in the caves there. But, I did not think too much about it, I thought it was accidental.

When we returned to the ashram (edited for privacy) and I were alone with him for the first time. He began singing songs and shouting “Bhole Shri Satguru Dev Maharaj Ki Jai” a lot. We would sing and cheer with him. After each song or cheer he would hug us. At first it just seemed like we were expressing joy over being premies and the fact that Guru Maharaj Ji, the living perfect master, was here and we were his devotees. But, these hugs evolved into something else. Each time he would hug us, his hands would end up on our breasts or buttocks. I would try to wiggle out of these hugs without being obviously disrespectful to him. I could not believe it was happening. I questioned my own judgment. I thought maybe in India people did not know not to touch these areas, I thought maybe Mahatma Ji was so “pure” that he did not know. But he was trembling each time he touched us. (edited for privacy here too, but this section of the letter makes it clear that I knew of worse incidents of abuse than what happened to me) also told me that the other girls at my knowledge session had experienced some level of molestation from him, as they refused to go near him and called him “nasty”.
I was very upset about this and I knew that it had to end. I was certain as to the correct way to end it as well. I had to let Guru Maharaj Ji know. I did not even consider telling my mom, a non-premie, or the police. Not only did I not want to embarrass Guru Maharaj Ji by telling, I also genuinely felt that telling you about this situation was the ultimate way to find justice. I loved and trusted you completely, but you were not terribly accessible to the average premie.

I knew Randy Prouty fairly well from his days as a community coordinator in Miami in 1975. I thought highly of him and he had personal access to you. I felt that telling Randy would be the best way to let you know. So, when Randy came to Miami in 1977, I told him what had happened (edited for privacy here but I did make it clear to Randy that there was worse abuse and more victims than just myself). Randy said “You did the right thing to tell me,” and that he would tell you. I trusted Randy, and Guru Maharaj Ji. I felt I had done the right thing. I was very aware that if Jagdeo did this over the span of two years to several children in Miami, that it was likely he did this wherever he went to many children. But I also felt that, in telling Randy, I was giving you the information you needed to stop him.

Later, I saw that Jagdeo seemed to be still traveling as an initiator. I even saw him in the entrance to a darshan tunnel. It was very disturbing to see a child molester as one of the people greeting people as they came in. I hoped that maybe you had a guard on him. Now, a few years later, when I thought about what I had seen, Jagdeo in the darshan line tunnel, Jagdeo at festivals, the idea that he had a 24-hour guard seemed ludicrous. I wondered if perhaps Randy had never told you as he said he had. Perhaps, he had downplayed the seriousness of it. One day I was watching a talk show and the topic was child sexual abuse and pedophiles. It was emphasized that these people never get better. Of course, I thought about Jagdeo.

At that point, I decided to tell my story again. I knew of Judy Osborne through some premie friends. I was very involved in natural childbirth education and knew Judy was Marolyn’s midwife. I thought perhaps a woman, and a midwife, would understand how serious this was. I do not remember if I called her or wrote her, but somehow I got a message through to her to call me. She did, and I told her the story. I want to emphasize that I did not tell her I had ever told Randy, or anyone, about Jagdeo before. I did this because I wanted the issue presented to you again. I thought maybe with all the publicity about pedophiles, the seriousness of this situation would be recognized. Judy was very respectful and caring. I felt she did understand that this was important. She called me back about a week later and said that she told you, and that you had heard about this before, and was glad it was “not a new incident.“

How did I feel? One thing I felt was guilt for not trusting Randy. Obviously, Randy had indeed relayed my story to you. I said to Judy, “Yes, I had told Randy years ago when it had happened, but I thought he must not have told you as nothing was done that I could tell.” Judy seemed a little annoyed that I had not told her about telling Randy. She said, “Randy is a good guy, of course he would have told Maharaj Ji”. I felt it was out of my hands. I do not know if I considered telling the police at that time. By now, I had two small children, no means of supporting myself, and a husband who worked at DECA. I also still could not imagine why you would not do something about Jagdeo, if only to protect yourself. Frankly, I still do not understand that.

Over a decade later, I was remarried and living happily in California. I had not thought much about you or premies for many years. But, when I got online and discovered the wonders of a search engine, I thought, “hmm….whatever happened to the Guru….” and I found “Ex premie org.” When I relayed what had happened regarding Jagdeo, I was quickly put in touch with another victim, 'A'. 'A' lived in England when she was molested by Jagdeo much worse than I was. My worst fears about him were true; it was one thing to suspect he molested children all over the globe, now I knew it. This was very upsetting to me.

Given this background, I’m sure you will understand why I feel insulted by the statement on your website that you have contacted the two victims who refuse to speak to you. To make matters worse, Glen Whitaker’s insulting letter denies that I ever reported this before when indeed I have reported it twice.

So why on earth am I writing to you now? Frankly, I have grave doubts that this letter will effect any change whatsoever. But, I do care, very much, that wherever Jagdeo is, children are in danger. I do want to do what is right and I do not trust your organization at all. Frankly, I do not trust you either. I have many bitter feelings; both about how the issue of Jagdeo was handled and about the years I spent worshipping you. Mr. Dettmers, whom I have found to be a very honorable man, states that how the matter of Jagdeo was handled was uncharacteristic of your response to other similar events of sexual misconduct among the Mahatmas. Even as a rank and file 'premie” I had heard stories which support this statement. If there is some possibility that my reporting this again will this time lead to a response which can allow me some closure on this issue, I would welcome that.
I would appreciate it if you would kindly acknowledge that you have received and read this letter. Because I have continued wariness and mistrust of your organization, I am hesitant to invite you or your representatives to call or write me directly. If you would contact Mr. Dettmers with your response I would be more comfortable with that. If you have, however, any questions about this matter, which I can answer, I certainly would consider making myself available to answer them. It would be very necessary though, if this were to occur, that I protect myself from further instances of an inality on your organization’s part to remember what I have reported.


Susan Haupt

An Ex-Unity School Teacher reports

Posted on forum V
Date: Wed, Jul 12, 2000 at 04:18:37 (GMT)
From: Unity school ex
Subject: Jagdeo's 'children's satsang'

Dear forum posters - I have only learned abut Jagdeo's sexual abuse of children in the last 6 months or so. I do have something to add; although I didn't actually see him do anything, I do know that he did some of this stuff at the Unity School in Denver during the 1977-78 period.

I was a teacher at that time, and devoted premie. I volunteered to be a camp counselor for the summer at the Unity School, as I had the time off from my regular teaching job, and was very interested in doing service at the school and learning more about the waldorf philosophy as well. I worked there for two summers.

One day I learned that Jagdeo did special 'children satsangs' at the school. This seemed odd to me, and I questioned one of the other teachers about it. She replied that it was so beautiful that Jagdeo took such a special interest in children and regularly did these. He would get all the children in a room, turn off the lights, have them lie down in a circle, and tell them stories. He told them not to talk about it with others. The teacher told me it was 'kids satsang'.

I felt this was very wierd, as I clearly remember that Maharaji gave a number of satsangs about how we should not tell kids what to believe. He used to say that adults always wanted to jam their beliefs down the throats of kids and that he didn't like it. I agreed with this, and remembered numerous times that he had talked about this, so when I heard about 'kids satsang' it immediately raised a red flag.

I asked another teacher about this, but they didn't know about it, and I gave up trying to find out more. But I will tell you this - it's quite likely that he was playing his games with the kids at Unity School in Denver in those days (late 70's) and there are probably kids from that era who were abused by him.

It makes me sick to think of this. How can m stay silent about all this? These are the children of the people who gave their lives to him, lock, stock and barrel. If one of his kids were there, would he be so smug and silent? You sicken me, Maharaji.

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